Wednesday , March 22 2023

Rosemarie Dietz prevents the MEKANO Tour for alleged irresponsibility and TV Shows


In all phenomena return team transformed MEKANO, Going several cities of the country, dancing and singing along with & # 39; their iconic faces.

One of them was Rosemarie Dietz, however, apparently her bad attitude was let out of the project by the Chief Executive himself, Carlos Candia.

One of the arguments & # 39; Candia was due to its delinking "The small commitment Rosemarie had with the team. Occurred many things and among them, repeated episodes of & # 39; irresponsibility that we can not continue".

He added that "We are all striving to offer the best entertainer to the public expects every weekend (…) it is for this reason, we decided to tiddiżassoċjawha the MEKANO Tour, m & # 39; there is no going back", Delivered

Of & # 39; noted that & # 39; now led the version of & # 39; events, nor does it know who will be his replacement for the rest of & # 39; events remaining.

The decision was made at the last minute, because the blonde came to the rest of the members of "MEKANO Tour" to the delivery ceremony held Copihue de Oro Friday.

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