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S & # 39; will happen in the final & # 39; Boca in Libertadores River? These are scenarios


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S & # 39; happens if played without audience? This is one of the possibilities.

From the moment the first item dropped & # 39; for the players bus & # 39; Boca Juniors started speculation about what was happening, and x & # 39; can & # 39; happens.

It was Saturday, a few hours were missing for the game and already the Monumental Stadium of & # 39; River Plate was full, waiting for the final most eager in & # 39; & # 39 scores; Copa Libertadores years between the two historical rivals Argentinean.

First, there were theories about what was behind an attack that left several players injured: if there is a struggle between the police and city government or if there Brava bar revenge for the capture of & # 39; 300 ticket and US $ 200,000 for selling illegal again

Perhaps there was no conspiracy behind, and the defect was that the police operation taken the bus to Boca red zone thrown by fans & # 39; River.

Then, on the other hand, there are theories about x & # 39; is happening.

The game was postponed twice Saturday was finally suspended on Sunday.

  • Canceled the final until further notice
  • The first players image & # 39; Boca Juniors after the attack & # 39; followers & # 39; River Plate

Resolution is expected Tuesday, After the club presidents meet in & # 39; & # 39 with Asunción, Alejandro Domínguez, the director Sudamerikana Football Confederation (CONMEBOL).

In the equation enter political variables, such as the G20 summit organization in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires Friday with the most important leaders of the world and recent history, such sanctions have received equipment for events like.

F & # 39; half speculation, and what he said teams, it is possible to combine three scenarios & # 39; X & # 39; can & # 39; happen.

  • "Shameful", "beautiful chapter", "paper", which led to riots reactions to postpone the superklassi

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These are the men to decide now out & # 39; happens. Among them, the warm of the & # 39; m this photo & # 39; longer seen.

It is played in River and the public

The first option is to play in the same conditions would be Saturday, but with & # 39; best designed police operation.

The president & # 39; River, exemplary Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, betting by this option. And the mayor, Horario Rodríguez, Larreta, has already admitted that the operation was inefficient.

The first leg, which was & # 39; 2-2, was at the Bombonera de Boca and f & # 39; that sense, under the reciprocity theory, failure to return in & # 39; millionaire territory.

The date is Saturday, 8 & # 39; December, a week after the G20 and one before the World Cup Club in the UAE, starting at 12, where the champion has to play against Real Madrid and other winners & # 39; Regional cups.

This option runs the risk that comes & # 39; at the same problem as the previous one – violence between fans – and gives the idea that there are no sanctions for what happened.

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D & # 39; Onofrio comes from a dealer and was chair & # 39; success in the River, b & # 39; security and post-crisis financial solvency. What River lose bureau would be hard blow for him.

Can & # 39; wins in Boca & # 39; offices

That is why the president & # 39; Boca, the advocate & # 39; his health Daniel angelic, maintains that the River should be sanctioned and, by applying the rules of CONMEBOL, lose the game.

Therefore, be declared champion of Boca desk, without having to play.

Angelic, who hopes to be re-elected in the presidency & # 39; Boca in 2019, is based on Article 18 of the Statute, under which clubs could be sanctioned by removing & # 39; points and suspension of their stadium or their participation in & # 39; competitions.

In the 2015 Libertadores, River and Boca have met in the semifinals at halftime and the river players were attacked by fans with pepper spray. The game was suspended, Boca and River has been sanctioned went to the final and won the tournament.

Angelic, he said, hopes to apply the same rod.

But there is influence should: the attack on the players this time was outside the stadium, where security was not the team's responsibility but the government & # 39; Buenos Aires.

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Angelic must win the game in the bureau. His request not to play a Saturday and Sunday was seconded by everyone, but perhaps this time to reap. Your future as president & # 39; Boca, and as a politician or lawyer, depends on it.

Leave played without public or other stage

Further to & # 39; above, there are a few options but also less likely contemplated by the authorities and the press.

one is the game played at & # 39; Abu Dhabi, Just before the Cup, Club World, with the advantage that the winner remains & # 39; in & # 39; that town to play the tournament.

This takes the whole mystique of unprecedented match and fulfill contracts in & # 39; Bus to Buenos Aires & # 39; sponsors and fans who bought tickets.

Another option is contemplated the game played in the Landmark River, but without public, As often happens in Latin America and in Europe when the local team is sanctioned.

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The master & # 39; Boca, Pablo Pérez, appeared to & # 39; blindfold.

The stadium, in fact, had already been fined for what happened on Saturday and if you have to play with the public because it is an exception for the show.

A few weeks ago, another classic living red hot in Argentina, Old Newell Boys & # 39; s Old, had played out of town & # 39; Rosario and without public to avoid accidents, although there were no sanctions.

In fact, Another option for the final of the Libertadores is played outside Buenos Aires, Although it is difficult to River to accept it when there was already the first game on the rival court.

therefore, between violence and fanaticism and speculation, Football lives in Argentina. Showing songs and the colors and the party has less and less.

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