Saturday , May 21 2022

Samsung and Huawei are preparing to launch phones with a hole in the screen


It seems that the era of & # 39; notch or notch that so preoccupies is coming to an end, because the race for the cell phone that is just a screen on the side of & # 39; front will continue with a hole in the screen.

So say several reports & # 39; international analysts, also ensures that Samsung has already started with the production of & # 39; these panels, because yes, along with & # 39; they are other stakeholders.

The first details about its shape thanks to Samsung Mobile seem, to say the A8 Galaxy will have this feature:

6.7mm round interruption on one side, something that the same source ensures that the Galaxy S10 will have, or at least one of its models, but with & # 39; diameter & # 39; 2 or 3 millimeters.

Who else Huawei, obviously, its direct competitor. Through their networks in Asia are sharing this teaser, and note that f & # 39; in December they already have brought home with & # 39; this new type of & # 39; panel interruption:


It is the same design, right? And very likely that the screen is also Samsung. Now continue & # 39; knowing management & # 39; forward and be the first.

Want this best solution from scale or prefers the edges of & # 39 ;, for example, the Galaxy Note 9?

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