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Santiago a Mil in 2019 revealed more than 100 activity & # 39; free training and interventions | Arts and Culture


Twenty exhibition from countries like France, Spain, China, India and Haiti, form of family programming will take public spaces, cultural centers and theaters & # 39; 22 Municipality of Metropolitan Region, arriving to first in & # 39; San Miguel, La Pintana and Til Til.

As part of activities & # 39; & # 39 training; Escénico Lab, will hold meetings with & # 39; artists such as Tim Robbins, Sophie Calle, Amir Reza and Dada Masilo; workshop led by the Workshop director & # 39; New York theater for young and old; reading mediation centers in Sename and again & # 39; other performing & # 39; From Cine.

At times where cities think and live the flow and circulation, the International Festival Santiago a Mil brings an invitation to the meeting, to get & # 39; consider and build community through & # 39; great festival & # 39; scenic art, designed for anyone and everyone. Space to celebrate and also reflects, through & # 39; a program that includes more than 50 function & # 39; Free national and international productions share theater, dance, music, parade, circus, visual arts, performance, installation and intervention.

This year the poster will consist of two exhibition from France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Australia, India, China, Korea t & # 39; South, the United States and Haiti and will be presented in & # 39; 22 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region, Who came first in & # 39; San Miguel, with the opportunity to be in & # 39; debutantes scenarios such as Municipal Theater & # 39; La Pintana and the Cultural Center & # 39; Til Til.

mechanical key to femininity, road celebration to celebrate women's magnitude, the empowerment and their ġiganteska importance to society is part of the proposal & # 39; La Bailarina, the parade of the Spanish company Antigua i Barbuda after that make up From Santiago to the show & # 39; Caballo de Hierro (2015) and Feria de Arquitectura (2014), he returns to Chile giant & # 39; 5 meters high, which will go on street dance on one leg, and creates most of the way from animated DJ, music, lights and dancing. Built with wood and noble materials, and avoid plastic and glass, this work also seeks to call to take care of our environment and proposes recycling as a creative model.

Mibgħud as a great metaphor about the odyssey to all who seek to engage new home, the German company Theater Titanick again & # 39; back to Chile to handle the play & # 39; immigrants through its new proposal & # 39; street theater: Alice on the Run. Inspired by the universe & # 39; Lewis Carroll, a stagnation which includes three mobile cubes, giant pyramid ċessjord, the montage tells the journey of & # 39; By Alice & # 39; complete unknown world & # 39; strange characters, full scene & # 39; magic and emotion b & # 39; political and human message b & # 39; strong and contingent.


After the idea of ​​travel and the journey from the city, the national brand will also be present on the streets Onirus Dream Theater and The Navigator. The history & # 39; & # 39 group; eccentric sailors in search of mistisiku destiny, called "Utopia", is the center of & # 39; this trip, which will appear a series of & # 39; fantastic characters such as swimmers, mermaid, undines and jellyfish. The movement will not stop and b & # 39; call to take care of the environment, especially bees, the street parade Not one less bees placed in Cassis company & # 39; xenja present concern and necessary, by & # 39; a message that seeks to generate ecological awareness in family public. Accompanied by two worker bees, queen bee and honeycomb of & # 39; large dimensions, a total of & # 39; 40 artists give life to the show produced.

Santiago a Mil take the city

As for routine response qabadna is the proposal Legs On The Wall Australian collective, which brings the show to Santiago Highly Sprung. Opportunity to get & # 39; join the body and recovering childhood memories through & # 39; demonstration connecting trampolines, akrobatiċi, dance, physical theater, humor and music. Also invade the city, but by occupation & # 39; free corners and spaces invisible to the eyes, and the Austrian artist and choreographer Willi Dorner (Daily One 2018) arrive Bodies in Urban Spaces, koreografiku intervention, where a group & # 39; local dancers will be turned into living sculptures in & # 39; these nooks and crannies city ​​and Living Room, an exhibition that has cities like Paris, Riga and London, where the creator to install human bodies into domestic spaces forming scenes will be displayed in & # 39; display in & # 39; these same houses.

How lived in theaters and public spaces, the festival will take the MAC Contemporary Art Museum (Parque Forestal) with the most attractive major in visual arts, the exhibition Cuídese Mucho by Sophie Calle. Work & # 39; art born from sharing & # 39; love lived praised the driver.

Music for all tastes

musical journey that will return & # 39; two classic visit Theater musical SXX Ċilan La Negra Ester and La Pergola de las flores, performed by pianist Valentín Trujillo and La Regia Orquesta Sexteto, will be one of the jewels and will be officials as closing road in Santiago a Mil 2019. From pergola for Black is the name & # 39; the show, which will again & # 39; brings songs like "I come from San Rosendo" and "Japonesita", f & # 39; iconic year for both titles, where we celebrate census & # 39; Isidora Aguirre and 30 years of the premiere of & # 39, La Negra Ester.

On the other hand, La Regia Orquesta Sexteto will tie eight communes in the Metropolitan Region, recover huachaca jazz, the lyrics and melodies and popular picaresque a known musician and author of Ċilel, Roberto Parra f & # 39; La Negra Ester, Blended & # 39; course, with folklore, bolero and tango from cutis ASTE Titae Roberto Lindl, among others.

Another time for national music will be responsible Municipal Choir & # 39; Santiago to be traveling with his solemn repertoire the Municipal Theater & # 39; Recently inaugurated La Pintana, Delighting audience with & # 39; melodies by Handel, Mozart, Verdi, Strauss, Offenbach, Mascagni, Lehár, César Franck and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The Eastern sounds will be present and come between China & # 39; My memorable Hangzhou. Here, a group & # 39; 30 musicians will show the tradition and habits & # 39; this city, including music, the dancing, the acrobatics and magic. From India, meanwhile, the restless band of Indian dancer Shantala Shivalingappa French will make an invitation to enjoy Sangita, sample & # 39; karnatika classical music, typical of southern India.

Returning to the mainland, the queen of song & # 39; Haiti and defined by The New York Times as a "music ambassador to happen to his homeland", Emeline Michel He comes in & # 39; country for a tour during the 30 years & # 39; his career to explore pop, jazz, blues and traditional music & # 39; Haiti, b & # 39; letters filled with & # 39; political and social content.

And the thought of & # 39; the youngest, comes in & # 39; Santiago a Mil in 2019, the Franco-Uruguay duo Les Rois Vagabondes Concert pour deux with a clown (Concert for two pleasures). Type & # 39; crazy courtship where the woman has to Bach, Vivaldi and Strauss in & # 39; impossible positions and he tries to make her fall, spin, fly.

Classic, historical characters and universal themes

Shakespeare will be represented by Romeo and Juliet (로미오 와 줄리엣) responsible for Korean company & # 39; South, MOKWHA Digest, Taking advantage of the conflict between the Montagues and Kappuletti to talk about the situation and the conflict in & # 39; home. While Cervantes, will take a prominent player and national director Héctor Noguera with & # 39; De Quijano to Quijote, Where the artist brings to the present world, b & # 39; dessabilità and umoristà, this great person of universal literature.

The Hussar of death & # 39; La Patogallina brought critical and public success, because of its original proposal, which will be part of Santiago a Mil in 2019 to talk about the guerrillas legendary Chilean Manuel Rodríguez. While Álvaro Viguera will replace the disobedience & # 39; Mars, unpublished work of prominent Mexican writer Juan Villoro on two key men & # 39; Universal astronomy.

Another of & # 39; & # 39 program with programming; nothing is the presentation of prey American director Tim Robbins, to talk about immigration and the American dream.

LAB and Platea xeniċi19

Dedicated to training and exchange between artists and the public, LAB Escénico will be present with its fifth edition by & # 39; of & # 39 program; activities to invite creators, students and art fans to participate in the show & # 39; different experiences. This year, the program will consist of three areas & # 39; work: Summer School, Public Forum and small audiences.

At School Summer there will be lectures and lectures, where participants meet & # 39; international creators such as Sophie Calle, Dorothy Munyaneza, Dada Masilo, Mariano Llinàs and national references like Manuela Infante, Gabriel Calderón and Paolo Bartolameolli. Moreover, the director & # 39; education of the Theater Workshop & # 39; New York Alexander Santiago-Jirau will conduct an intensive workshop & # 39; intergenerational theater, called Mind the gap ', aimed at young people (14 to 19 years) and adults (over 60) theater, which collectively create work inspired by personal -istejjer. The Workshops & # 39; Art will be another of the bodies & # 39; this space, where artists and students can participate in the various disciplines of the performing arts, led by Amir Reza, Omar Abussada, She She Pop, Verena REGENSBURGER David Gaitan, among others.

The Public Forum, meanwhile, will be led by the Culture Seminar, the Community and the Territory, which will have exclusive participation & # 39; Tim Robbins, who will work with & # 39; & # 39 communities, migrants and prisoners. Similarly, being held the second meeting version Scenic Research and, for the first time, the program & # 39; mediation reading Dialogues in & # 39; movement, in partnership with the National Plan -Qari, will be taught in & # 39; SENAME centers and groups & # 39; adolescents and adults. Elderly, b & # 39; focus on drammaturija.

LAB Escénico will also celebrate the honorees at & # 39; this version of the Festival: Elizabeth Rodríguez, Nuri Gute and Paulina Mellado, By & # 39; & # 39 meeting; artists & # 39; dance and theater work around & # 39; these choreographers and opening & # 39; creative processes are underway.

Finally, Pequeñas Audiencia, which aims to bring educational approaches and & # 39; experience the performing arts for children in the Metropolitan Region, will have various activities such Let's move to the theater! option & # 39; works that combine different scenic languages ​​to broaden children's eyes; Beyond the scenarios, allowing the meeting & # 39; companies, and Experimentando las artes, which includes the realization of & # 39; masks, theater workshops, improvisazzjoni and illustration so they can experience the artistic process from within.

Cinema From: Moment to distension

As part of the Public Forum, Cine Mil will become the fourth & # 39; time. Thanks to the collaboration of the National Cineteca of Chile, in Chile the premiere of & # 39; The flower & # 39; Argentine Mariano Llinàs, marathon piece & # 39; 14 hours taking as protagonist the group & # 39; Buenos Aires theater Lava Skin, And was the winner of the recent version of the International International Independent Film Festival BAFICI of & # 39; Buenos Aires, the most independent film festival in Latin America.

And since everything is formal, LAB Evenings will also be available, place & # 39; relaxed meeting to talk about theater on a rooftop in the city.

Programmers in Platea

The Week programmers of Santiago Festival a Mil, PLATEA19 will receive again between 15 and 20 & # 39 in January, more than 150 programming from countries like Spain, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States, who will be able to see Chilean and Latin American works that are part of the Festival programming. Pit focused on programming, but also in & # 39; recent times has known new Chilean projects through & # 39; formats such as showcases and pitch (sample & # 39; complete works – or extracts from them – not part of the festival programming). This year will be the turn for La Patogallina, the choreographer José Vidal, TeatroCinema and collective Marabolí Piriz +, among others.

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