Saturday , June 25 2022

Sasha Sáez enjoy the UC and ensure that "not believe that Colo Colo lost to harm us"


The Argentine striker Catholic University, Sebastián Sáez, Is advanced "Final" which had previously UC Sports Temuco (Sunday, 17: · 30 hours, the stadium at Germán Becker & # 39; Temuco) where creatures can get 13 stars in the National Championship & # 39; First Division.

The attacker, f & # 39; a press conference, referred to the engagement in & # 39; Temuco, where those managed by Beñat San José need to attract at least one race to cherish c champion and raise a glass.

"We are calm, the key is to know how to deal with anxiety and try to not think so much about the game. We have a lot of desire and responsibility, this item is final so we we play much, because it is the last thing left Temuco " said the former Italian Audax.

Furthermore, he remarked that the team & # 39; Beñat be smart to play with a complication & # 39; the team & # 39; Miguel Ponce, who needs to win not to sink"Will we manage according to what they would do, to come up against a few times"

On the other hand, the UC can & # 39; bright Colo Colo champion if it is to prevent the U. de Concepción to tirbaħhom in Monumental, though some voices say that the Albo, who do not carry anything, can facilitate the task of Campanile damage to one of his classic opponents, Sáez did not believe that.

"I do not think themselves lost to harm us. Colo Colo is a great team, in addition to not see someone who plays to lose a game, except in local condition. I do not think they are doing it. They are very respectable players will go out and seek victory as they always do, more forward their people"He said.

Finally, the criticism he received for his few goals in & # 39; this semester, the trasandino knows "advancement is required for the purpose and goal to cover. The attacker does not end when can & # 39; to criticize and there is little dirty work. I support my colleagues because they are aware of the work I'm doing"

"Regarding the goals I am not happy, but what I do for a team made me calm, and the coaching staff ħallastni", Closed.

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