Tuesday , August 9 2022

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Group & # 39; researchers identified the guidelines for the development of & # 39; Universal neutralizing antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), what can & # 39; enabling the development & # 39; vaccine to prevent the spread of disease, specialized media reported.

The discovery is the work of & # 39; & # 39 group; Scientists at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute, who published his findings in the journal Immunity.

The research, led by Mattia BONSIGNORI medical doctor, offers a solution to one of the main problems in the fight against this virus: capacity & # 39; mutation, Allowing him to escape defenses developed by the human immune system.

This virus behavior also makes it difficult to establish model & # 39; common behavior in all cases, to prevent the development of & # 39; universal treatment.

The work & # 39; this group & # 39; researchers were able to identify a part of these guidelines, and analyzed in depth the development of the program Antibody & # 39; VRC01 variation.

For years, many scientists considered that the family & # 39; & # 39 antibodies can; is the key to the development of & # 39; vaccine for HIV ability to neutralize most strains of & # 39; HIV.

"There are many studies these antibodies, but until now it was not possible to go back to the beginning, the ancestors no mutation – the origin -, because it was too difficult to go back in & # 39; sequence because -ħafna mutations, deletions and changes ", explained BONSIGNORI. .

This new study was able to extrapolate the descendants of the original VRC01 and rebuild its development, which led it to become one of the most widely antibodies & # 39 ;.

"That's where we all stuck. We know that if we can figure out how to develop the original antibody, we are on track," said the doctor.


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