Friday , August 12 2022

Scientists discover a hidden region in our brain (Video)


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Sometimes that jidhirna The human body It was already studied in its entirety, but also something finite can & # 39; have undiscovered corners. the – scientists are constantly analyzing the behavior of & # 39; Our organism and b & # 39; soon discover other places unexplored. While performing a & # 39; Atlas of mind, These researchers found a new region ever and that is not present in & # 39; other padati.

The responsible person is George PAXINOS, Brain researcher and cartographer in Neuroscience Research Australia (Neur). The region of the brain has been named nucleus Endorestiform and is close to junctions Hawthorn. Although it is now just can & # 39; & # seen in 39; image, the professor suspected its existence more than 30 years ago.

Can & # 39; is what makes us special as humans.

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When we talk about – unique features human against monkeys, for example, not only considering the shape of the body but also the form brain size. this new region of the brain not present in & # 39; Rhesus monkeys, whose minds have also been studied. Perhaps that area is that makes us different from other species, PAXINOS"This region can & # 39; is what makes humans unique plus & # 39; Our brain a & # 39; larger ».

Due to the location of the brain where it is located, the region can & # 39; be linked motor functions, To balance and position. Can & # 39; mean progress – combating such diseases Parkinson. In fact, the brain atlas a & # 39; this scientist are already used in medicine and research, so this comes to expand the existing information.

The discovery was published in a book titled scientist working Human brainstem: Cytoarchitecture, Chemoarchitecture, Myeloarchitecture. His advances continue to contribute to the study of neuroscience and neurosurgery, study mapping brain connections, Important in the last century.

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