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Second year femiċidja occurred in & # 39; Rancagua: the aggressor confessed hours after killing his partner | national


On Tuesday, the first feminicide of 2019 in the country was recorded in Puerto Montt. Thus, the second crime & # 39; these features was presented at & # 39; Rancagua, supposedly during the night & # 39; the same day, which was marks the first year in the region of O & # 39; Higgins.

The killing effect sector Forest & # 39; San Francisco, In – the same municipality. The victim, Sandra Pozo, was 49 years and had three children with her aggressor in common (Among them, minors), who were not home at the time of the offense.

The investigation began when the victimized stated the fact, This morning, before the First Police Station & # 39; Rancagua, which has informed the Public Prosecutor.

Thus, the prosecutor Lorena Morales, specialized in & # 39; & # 39 crimes, family violence (VIF), ordered the Homiċida Brimata (BH) the WFP to make the first test.

The victim was found on the second floor, specifically in his bedroom, with & # 39; three scars sharp in the thoracic area, Made with & # 39; knife, which was seized, according to Morales.

The first record indicates there was no prior complaint from VIF and the motivation of the aggressor would be grain. Commissioner Juan Reyes, head of BH, note indicated that the author was an account of infidelities on the part of women, information should also be investigated.

The accused He was arrested by Carabineros and this Friday will be available to the Prosecutor's Office should be formalized, waiting for her injuries breached stabilization after themselves.

Police Investigation
Police Investigation

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