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Sergio Ramos and doubt & # 39; doping


The master & # 39; Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, suffered control Anti-doping Abnormal by strong kortikojidu, the – night & # 39; in victory – Champions League f & # 39; May 2017, before being released by – UEFA, Noting that his medication was authorized, according to the Football leaks documents.

After the final, the control against the player doping revealed the presence of & # 39; dexamethasone, a powerful corticosteroid banned in & # 39; competition from the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA) except local administration, Mediapart said, to support its information at & # 39; confidential documents. Ramos has recognized that took the product, but with & # 39; articular injection, arguing that convinced UEFA, maintaining the case.

But, according to reports Mediapart, The club medical services kkompletawx b & # 39; correct way medical form given to controllers group UEFAconfused dexamethasone with & # 39; betamethasone. According to the newspaper, the estimated European body "most likely the player and the doctor committed an administrative error". The only partial ban of corticosteroids (to reduce fatigue and pain) of the World Anti-Doping is criticized, because its discovery does not always allow to distinguish how the product was given.

Real Madrid reject

Real Madrid Sergio Ramos denied having violated anti-doping rules, as suggested by the German magazine Der Spiegel in the most recent revelations of his investigation entitled "Filtraciones de Football".

The weekly published that Ramos did not pass a test Anti-doping after – end – Champions League against Juventus in 2017, And a master & # 39; segwax Madrid with the appropriate procedures being asked through text & # 39; doping after game in the Spanish league in & # 39; & # 39 April, this year.

UEFA also issued a statement which "strongly rejecting unfounded accusations concealed results & # 39; positive doping." He indicated that the AMA and FIFA have the right to appeal any decision taken by UEFA on issues & # 39; doping control before the Court & # 39; Arbitration for Sport, but nobody "appealed a & # 39; that kind". UEFA said that the AMA itself officially confirmed "that everything was addressed by & # 39; adequately by UEFA and under the code."

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