Wednesday , March 22 2023

Sergio Ramos did not fail to comply with anti-doping regulations


MADRID .- After the newspaper Der Spiegel, based on documents & # 39; "Football leaks", revealed Friday that master & # 39; Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, had tested positive for dexamethasone in & # 39; control & # 39; doping & # 39; after test Champions League Final 2017, As well as various irregularities in & # 39; subsequent checks, the club responded by & # 39; a press release stating that Sergio Ramos "never violated the regulations against doping control".

The Merengue club said this week that " UEFA requested information at & # 39; timely and closed the matter immediately, as happens in & # 39; these cases, after verification of the global anti themselves agency experts, AMA, and UEFA itself, "ESPN reported the portal.

According to the German publication, UEFA would close the case after both the player and the club gave explanations by & # 39; letter arguing "Human error" medical staff.

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According to "Football leaks", the club doctors they did not report the use of medication as they did when ddettaljaw the player had received an injection in the knee with & # 39; different medication, although the same effect, betamethasone, the day before.

According to the explanation that the club would provide UEFA, the player had undergone treatment day before the match in which Real Madrid was crowned champion after winning 4-1 with Juventus which was administered injection intraartikulari knee b & # 39; different medication.

UEFA has given the wealth explanation of the club doctor present case.

The club, however, decided that "decides" on the other allegations cited by the German newspaper, indicating various irregularities not only Sergio Ramos, But the medical staff of the club.

According to information published by the media associated with EIC, the player was broken the anti-doping protocol less than a year later.

As detailed by Der Spieguel citing documents filtered by "Football Leaks" the actor allegedly "submitted test & # 39; against doping in & # 39; April 2018." Der Spiegel refers to an alleged letter sent by the agency against the Spanish doping Real Madrid where the medical team reported that actor broke protocol when remaining & # 39; before being subjected to the test.

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