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Sergio Ramos tested positive for a substance not allowed


BERLIN.- The leak Football broadcast platform, through the German weekly "Der Spiegel", two alleged irregularities master & # 39; Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, who had repercussions for Spanish.

According to Excelsior, Ramos He had showered before doping control after the match between Real Madrid and Malaga on April 15, breaking Spanish law to take a shower or bath can & # 39; understood as a "lock" for the test.

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The Spanish Agency against Doping (AEPSAD) notified the team five months after the accident, which caused a stir in the white club offices, but the agency acknowledged the "Der Spiegel" that "the process is provided no indication that it had violated no law against doping. "

The publication also reports that in the final of the Champions League in & # 39; June 2017, started the Real Madrid player against Juventus of & # 39; & # 39 in Turin, Cardiff, Ramos found traces of & # 39; substance Dexamethasone called.

This strong kortikoid not illegal, but you should be informed about its use, something that was not made.

F & # 39; in this case, the medical team & # 39; Real Madrid assumed the "responsibility", explains the German publication, and explained that the actor had received the day before the game two drilling & # 39; this substance on one knee and one shoulder.

UEFA considered the response of doctors as valid.

Real Madrid did not address the questions of platform leaks in Football & # 39; this regard.

However, after announcing the news, Real Madrid denied the accusations of Sergio Ramos and ensure that UEFA settled the matter immediately.

"1. Sergio Ramos never violated regulations & # 39; anti-doping control.

  1. UEFA requested information at & # 39; timely and għelqet issue immediately, as usual in & # 39; these cases, after verification by themselves experts of the World Anti-Doping, AMA, and UEFA itself.
  2. On the rest of the content of the publication mentioned, the club elide before evidence of the same insustanza, citing the statement.

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