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She tried to attack fighter of UFC b & # 39; cardboard weapon in Brazil and received the beating & # 39; life – more Sports


© Twitter @Polyana_VianaDF She tried to attack fighter of UFC b & # 39; cardboard weapon and was beaten by life

Polyana Viana was waiting for a taxi in Brazil when the antisocial approached and threatened to take her mobile phone.



The fights & # 39; Mixed Martial Arts, Polyana Viana, I expected that I would not nqatta & # 39; moment disagrees while waiting for a taxi in front of his house in & # 39; Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro.

Everything happened when A man approached and tried jaħtef his mobile phone and said he was carrying a weapon. What subject did not expect was that it was adversely affected by reduced before & # 39; "La Dama de Hierro", whereas the fighting is said to record & # 39; Won 10 matches and lost two in the UFC.

Viana relates what happened, in statements TN picked, and assured that the thief told him " 'try to respond, because I'm armed. & # 39; That's when he came on HAB and to put a gun on my back, but I realized that was too soft to be a gun"

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He also explained that when she was sure that they were aiming for was not a weapon, decided to attack. ' "I threw two punches and kick. The drop criminal & # 39; and then picked him lion bush. Here then put away and kept my f & # 39; place and said we were going to wait for the police "

Before this man even reacted, commented on isportman, where she asked to leave or call the police but not to jolqotlu more.

The very president of the UFC, Dana White, acted through its Twitter account the fact, which indicates that it is a very bad idea to try to steal from & # 39; La Dama de Hierro & # 39 ;.

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