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SMA approves & # 39 program, compliance SQM: the company has to start studies on the environmental impact | economy


The – SUPERINTENDENCE of & # 39; the – approved Environment (SMA) the – Compliance Program (PDC) presented by SQM Salar S.á, Which will force the company's non-metallic mining to begin studies on the impact on the environment for some of its mining operations Salar de Atacama.

B & # 39; so, Soquimich gained that supervision issue stay sanctioning process it was him, because of a series of & # 39; breach derived from processes & # 39; lithium exploitation in the Salar de Atacama.

This, because the audit body had started a process against the mining company two years ago, ending with the approval of the & # 39; compliance plan.

The plan will have planned cost close to 18 billion dollars according to information provided by the supervisor of the Environment, t Ruben Verdugo the commission of the House of Representatives to investigate the agreement between the Corfo and SQM Salar de Atacama exploitation of.

In case the insured authority approval of the plan is ratification of environmental violations of SQM Salar de Atacama in.

"It represents the absolute recognition by the owner, who is violated environmental commitmentsVerdugo explained.

The authority also stated that the six charges filed against SQM in general, t "They are divided into 3 or 4 other measures", One of which is the extraction & # 39; most amount & # 39; brine, where the lithium out, than was allowed.

This latter situation generated water deficit in the Salar de Atacama, so the SMA has period & # 39; 6 months for the mining company to restore volume & # 39; brine extracted, by reducing the authorized flow, as detailed by the entity through & # 39; statement.

Works & # 39; extraction & # 39; Lithium SQM f & # 39; Salar de Atacama | Ariel Marinković | AgenciaUNO
Works & # 39; extraction & # 39; Lithium SQM f & # 39; Salar de Atacama | Ariel Marinković | AgenciaUNO

Reactions in Parliament

Under this – consideration, the – deputy & # 39 ;. T Socialist Socialist Federation Regional, Alejandra Sepúlveda, stressed that with the approval of the PDC, it compels Soquimich develop, for the first time, t studies on environmental impact of the extraction works in the Salar de Atacama.

"The most important thing about it is that it will have to submit first study on the impact on the environment. That's what I think is the most relevant and where we expect the SUPERINTENDENCE make a permanent monitoring & # 39; what is happening in the Salar, "said the legislator.

F & # 39; this line, the radical deputy Marcela Hernando, Although it is estimated that SQM is now necessary studies on the impact on the environment, he indicated that these processes are extensive, while the deficit & # 39; water of Salar de Atacama is accentuated by the work of SQM and other companies installed in the basin.

"The fact that they asked for a study on the impact on the environment looks very good, but studies are delayed. The way the level of water re-up salt is very urgent," said the authority.

The – Commission also participated in & # 39 ;. T National Substitute Prosecutor, Xavier Armendáriz, Referring to the settlement reached by the Public Prosecutor to & # 39; SQM ended alternative exit in case of & # 39; payment & # 39; money Pablo Longueira and persons associated with & # 39; former Minister & # 39; Economics.

After the exhibition & # 39; Armendáriz, the chairman of the investigative commission, the Estegan Velásquez regionally, regretted that such illegal acts were treated as a simple crime, which ended with & # 39; fine & # 39; SQM 2,000 to $ 500 million.

"The prosecution do is to tigrafra that of the old law, regarding the crimes to SQM and qualifies as a" simple crime "(…) That agreement reached by the prosecution with the company -Għas our judgment, korrotta- company because the law ħallithom free from dust and straw. "

On Monday, it was the last committee session & # 39; investigation of the agreement between the Corfo and SQM Salar de Atacama exploitation of, example will now focus on drafting and debate the conclusions will be presented to the House of Representatives.

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