Saturday , December 4 2021

Socialist Bank describes as increase & # 39; "shame" of & # 39; cases & # 39; HIV in the country


The Socialist deputy, Juan Luis Castro, asked the government & # 39; Sebastián Piñera to redouble their efforts to meet c health centers of all Chile with rapid tests & # 39; discovery of AIDS, after being apprised of world figures to leave the writ in tenth place in the ranking of & # 39; & # 39 countries with, further increase in the HIV virus.

"We live in a situation that is scandalous, scandalous f & # 39; country, because in the ranking of & # 39; 10 countries with the highest rate of & # 39; increase & # 39; HIV a national shame for a policy failed to achieve citizenship, or youth, or any sector, curbing the excessive increase HIV had few & # 39; years, "said the parliamentarians, who chairs the Health Committee House.

Castro added that "today, Chile can not afford to be in & # 39; so poor condition, to uncontrolled epidemic and let ngħidha with its name, this not an epidemic & # 39; has adequate control because there are more 25 thousand people who walk the streets with & # 39; HIV positive, and identifikajtux not even know they have the virus. "

"I want to make a call to the Government and the Ministry of Health, to redouble their efforts to reach with their rapid tests, not only for half common in Chile, but all places where we expect rapid test and secondly, to achieve the necessary mechanisms and sufficient to cover the & # 39; those already diagnosed fails in the middle and we do not want regret that people get sick, for not attending in time because they did not know they were infected "deputy for the Region O & # 39; Higgins.

The socialist added that "other call is for the family, because people do not speak about it, here there are children under 30 years old with intermittent sex, casual or casual and because they think they are exempt from the virus , a & # 39; AIDS, but also & # 39; syphilis and gonorrhea and it increased by & # 39; dramatically in & # 39; in recent years. "

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