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SpaceX He put 64 minisatellite in the World Earth orbit, American record and the first time that the California company is fully dedicated to the growing market & # 39; small satellites.

The company & # 39; Elon Musk left record in the reuse for the third time of & # 39; the first part of its rocket Falcon 9. This first part, also known as booster, returned without incident to automated platform on the coasts of California, according to a widespread image SpaceX

On the rocket there were 15 and 49 mikrosatellita Cubesats, belonging to 34 different customer, private, public and university, from 17 countries including France, Korea t & # 39; South and Kazakhstan.

The rocket was leased in its entirety by the Spaceflight company, specializing in & # 39; "Shared journey", Ie, put several satellites aboard the same ship.

The mikrosatelliti weighing a few tens of & # 39 kilograms. The Cubesats are even smaller satellites, built from standard modules.

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The rocket took off from the base & # 39; air Vandenberg in California, and seven & # 39; Minutes later, the first part broke from the top and returned to Earth.

The cap, which connects and protects the satellites on the rocket during the release of the atmosphere, also had to be recovered from a ship called "Mr Steven ', which has a large network of devices. But the two shell halves have not fallen on the network, Elon Musk said on Twitter, though he added that both parties will be recovered and reused.

The satellites are placed in orbit for a period of & # 39; five or six hours, by any means, f & # 39; different altitudes according to customer needs.

The journey of & # 39; space designed a space "distributor" mission that will remove the individual satellites.

Not all customers have a scientific mission. The Museum & # 39; The Art & # 39; Nevada sent a light sculpture by artist Trevor Paglen designed to be visible from Earth at night when it is deployed.

B & # 39; everything, SpaceX has 19 ferry in 2018, and delete the record & # 39; 18 launch in 2017.

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