Friday , August 12 2022

Started as cancer research, but will bring remedy for bald


A man with baldness. (GETTY)

Scientists at & # 39; Southern Medical Center, University of & # 39; Texas, USA, have studied how some kanċeriċi form tumors in mice, found the cells that produce hair color and providers.

According to the digital edition of & # 39; Chronicle, Without objective work, the research team was giving clues to a solution of & # 39; baldness.

Dr. Lu Le, Chief of Dermatology of the hospital facility mentioned above, said: "Although this project was initiated to understand how certain types & # 39; tumors are formed, we end learn why hair turns gray and discover the identity of the cell directly give rise to hair. "

The experiment began when he tried to remove cells from mice. The result was made bald. When he tried to remove one gene from the cells, the mice were white.

Scientists have come to an understanding of & # 39; have felt the kalzja and creating & # 39; gray hair.

Lu and his team hope to, b & # 39; this knowledge, in the future may "create topical compound or b & # 39; safe way to deliver the gene required to hair follicles to correct these problems cosmetic ".

According to the study, published by the specialist magazine Genes and Development, Ranging from hair follicle stem cells by means of progenitor cells in the matrix.

B & # 39; difference for stem cells in protuberanza, the parental identities and mechanisms governing the working of the hair shaft components are little known.

The identities of the matrix progenitor regulate growth and pigmentation, partly by creating a niche dependent stem cell factor (SCF) for follicular melanocytes, the research explains.

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