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"Super Dragon Ball: Broly" FILTERED! Further unpublished images of the new film [SPOILERS] | Dragon Ball | anime | cinema | Japan | DBS | DBH | Goku | herbal | Photo 1 & # 39; 10 | anime


Super Dragon Ball: Broly is a film that was screened ahead of time in Japan thanks to the first exhibition for people & # 39; that country. This made people publicize part of the plot and some images that have now been filtered worldwide. Let's see what new things are what will come in & # 39; this film is expected.

Warning & # 39; spoilers! The note and photos you will see on page Gallery containing information – movie "Super Dragon Ball: Broly "Warning this, we begin to explain the idea new images filtered. They came from the same transmission few weeks before 2008 official premiere in Japan.

The rest of the note contains spoiler & # 39; Super Dragon Ball

As expected, Broly He showed his power against the protagonist in the new film. According to the description photo appeared Freezer it was destroyed by the power of the villain, Vegetables and Goku had come for – life, including – Legendary Saiyan attack whis.

Curiously " Super Dragon Ball: Broly "Also puts Freezer As a villain, he takes the Dragonball and start planning revenge against Goku and Vegetables. However, did not imagine that the protagonist had ass on their sleeves.

Gogeta seen in action against powerful and faces Broly, Then, manages to get out – Super Saiyan Blue. This transformation is far superior to what you & # 39; pay the normal version of the villain, and b & # 39; so unleash the true power of his race.

there when Super Dragon Ball get the most epic combat ever seen, or that & # 39; Jiren It was so. Both fighters are just strong, but finally Gogeta He imposed. Apparently the anime canon became this powerful transformation.

Recall that the manga has already begun saga next & # 39; Super Dragon Ball , And is entitled " the Ħabsier of the Galactic Pattul"The – fusion between Goku and Vegetables without inclination should also be possible in & # 39; those events, as work & # 39; Toyotaro Arriving later.

S & # 39; do you think is the course of the manga with & # 39; this new saga? No doubt the movie shake the whole story created by Akira Toriyama, And then, based past of the main characters.

For now, we will wait for the premiere of & # 39; Super Dragon Ball: Broly "And next saga in its entirety to learn more about the future & # 39; Goku and Vegeta. On 14 & # 39; December to the film and 21 & # 39; the same month the manga.

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