Sunday , June 26 2022

supermarket guard blew three teeth with a bat in & # 39; pregnant was arrested machine


Shocking assault was registered in & # 39; supermarket south of the country in the hands of & # 39; security guard, properly, he thought was a customer roving.

By & # 39; video sent by Cazanoticias, It is appreciated that attacked is in the ground crying, in the middle & # 39; of & # 39 spots; Blood on the floor. After the blow, I was discharged three teeth.

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According to witnesses, the incident happened on Tuesday in the supermarket & # 39; Santa Isabel on the street Manuel Bulnes in & # 39; Temuco.

According to information provided by Cazanoticias, The security guard followed the woman through various sides supermarket. No specific to whether the affected picked or not, the people present at the site said was hit in the face with & # 39; bat that security officials were using to repel easiest attacks, which caused loss & # 39; three teeth.

However, in pictures you & # 39; see how the woman shows the contents of her handbag, while other clients have said that, at the time attack, it was not hiding any product. In addition, registered as supermarket staff help while lying on the floor.

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For its part, Santa Isabel explained through its Twitter account started an internal investigation about what happened and protocols activated to "strengthen how the guards behave".

Meanwhile, I Temuco, reported that the guard was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Court of Guarantee of the city.

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