Friday , August 12 2022

The Argentinean actress denounced rape adolescents Juan Darthés | society


Not the first, but the history & # 39; his adolescent story. There was a fresh complaint & # 39; rape by young actress & # 39; Argentina, accompanied by about 50 colleagues. "For nine & # 39; Cancel years to be able to & # 39; & # 39 moves, forward, until a few months ago I heard another girl nakkuża the same person, was a slap on the face for me," she said. Thelma odd between tears f & # 39; video broadcasting at a press conference.

She was 16 years and the accused Juan Darthes added 45. El País reports that both were on tour in Nicaragua with children's program Patito Feo. "He grabbed my hand and told me" look as you iġġiegħelni ", and b & # 39; so his erection Hassani, said say no" continued his testimony. Then said the actor and singer ġibduha bed, practiced oral sex and then climbed on to stupruha.

Odd explained that the criminal complaint made in the country & # 39; Central America, but not ruled out asking the Argentina justice intervention. The accusation & # 39; a young woman added & # 39; those who have already made – in & # 39; Darthes – actress CALU Rivero, Natalia and Ana Juncos Coacci. One of those present was Cecilia Roth, who announced months ago that was sexually abused by a Spanish journalist.

The Diario Clar report that the attorney & # 39; the player, Ana Rosenfeld, abandoned his defense "on the basis of & # 39; ethical and moral principles, conduct and & # 39; lifestyles. " The collector & # 39; the actress Argentinas stressed that "must end timing & # 39; impunity for abused", Then emphasize that" we put ourselves b & # 39; health, clasped your violence and your impunity. We combined Let justice be carried out. "

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