Friday , May 20 2022

The Army closed investigation "without charge" wage and false trips ordered by the Comptroller


By & # 39; reserved resolution, Army decided to close "without charge" summary directed by the Controller General's Office of the Republic as a result of the diversion of budgetary resources, which allowed the payment of & # 39; & # 39 costs; travel and salaries for work not done and can & # 39; reach more than 3 billion.

According to an investigation by BíoBíoChile, is the & # 39; Mutual Assistance Fund (FAM), type & # 39; informal system & # 39; solidarity operated sixty years, where officers and NCOs have deposited money month after month and received on retirement, they got sum & # 39; like money for a deal.

The system, in any event, failed and millions & # 39; contributions were lost. To mitigate losses, then the General Óscar Izurieta resigned time return the money through & # 39; & # 39 contracts; travel and work, that their work never done. This happened in 2016.

The investigation was sent by the Army to the Controller's Office to take a decision, you can & # 39; validate or revoke what has been done, which is expected to be rejection. The conclusions reached by the Controller's Office can be considered as crimes, and therefore the information was sent to the National Prosecutor's Office.

The decision to close the case without accountability occurs in & # 39; half the statements made last week by the commander in chief Ricardo Martinez Menanteau at the Military School, where he said that a uniform from his institution, the army and Air Force sell weapons to drug traffickers.

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