Thursday , December 9 2021

The best mixed flyer: Fernando Manríquez, the driver turned his silent career with a bell in the U. de Concepción


Fernando Manríquez It is one of the best players in the Chilean football in recent seasons First Division. In silence, the midfielder formed in & # 39; Santiago Morning has become one of the most regular men in our football and in 2018 he shined in style University & # 39; Concepción.

Known is that teams like U. de Concepción are not required to fight the title or important issues, they & # 39; a far cry from investing large our competition. However, those directed by Francisco Bozan Had remarkable campaign had contacted the crown until the last day with & # 39; Catholic University.

And in & # 39; this huge performance, Manríquez was fundamental in & # 39; half the Campanile league, because with his great vision & # 39; play, exquisite punch and his arrival to the goal (seven & # 39; goals in & # 39; 27 game) Bozan guided to a high not suspected in & # 39; that the great football season.

Its effectiveness in the game made it become the football leaders of Auricielo team, which in 2019 will again & # 39; play the Copa Libertadores, over due reward for a club that has no sound into & # 39; in national football elite.

therefore, Manríquez was distinguished as the best flyer in mixed & # 39; El-ANFP GRAFICOS La Gala 2018.

He showed much talent / image: El Chile GRAFICOS He showed much talent / image: El Chile GRAFICOS
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