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The biggest hand of Led Zeppelin


Torben Ulrich was the best Danish player of the year 60. When he competes in the circuit, was still accompanied by his family. What happened to two to three months a year. F & # 39; & # July 39, 1969 and while they were in & # 39; London, the small boy Lars flipped through the diary and was surprised to see a picture & # 39; group & # 39; & # 39 young men; long hat. He asked his mother and she had replied: The Rolling Stones. The woman told him that they were musicians who will play with & # 39; & # 39 f anything, Hyde Park. Lars asked his father to attend and to show, in its early five years, which could not be deleted: from that day he wanted to be a musician.

F & # 39; Nacer, Crecer, Metallica, Die. Volume I (Malpaso), music journalists Ian Winwood and Paul Brannigan – b & # 39; media work experience such as The Guardian and Rolling Stone detail the origin of the San Francisco band for the release of "Black Album" (1991) and deepen the opposite characteristics of the two leaders. On the one hand, Ulrich, the Danish estrovertit, whose fate was tennis like his father, but earned & # 39; to & # 39; that sport following last few months & # 39; training ranch & # 39; Nick Bollettieri – "I felt at & # 39; prison", he says – and decides to devote himself to music after listening to & # 39; the debut album & # 39; Iron Maiden. On the other hand, James Hetfield, the singer & # 39; Metallica, introspective man, who had faced early death & # 39; maintain and release & # 39; his father and take shelter in discs & # 39; Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and Motörhead to communicate with the world.

Without great expertise in battery, Ulrich is born diplomat. The kind that can & # 39; follow idols from city to city like Lemmy of & # 39; Motörhead, to understand the way it works and develop his music and concerts to negotiate in & # 39; different places. Along with & # 39; Hetfield trying until they find the best performers. In the beginning, they put kitarristu Dave Mustaine, leader later & # 39; Megadeth, is fired for his continuous explosions: it generates problems with & # 39; other metal bands in & # 39; joint exhibitions, he is found by & # 39; permanently and does not show professionalism. When he jkeċċuh umiljarju: they give bus ticket for a journey of & # 39; 40 hours from New York to San Francisco and no weight in his pockets. It is replaced by former Exodus, Kirk Hammett.

According to the authors, Cliff Burton is the best musician. Supported by his family from his teens with his idea is bass player, Burton managed more genres than their peers. His favorite bands were Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath and Rush. That musical amplitude arrikkitah and provoked the respect of his peers. Any arrangement introduced by Burton – who studied at the same school & # 39; actor Tom Hanks – f & # 39; Metika provided enigmatic sound, capable of giving more air to accelerate vivacious music and anger.

Like all emerging bands, the beginning & # 39; Metallica were pure enthusiasm. They promoted their own concerts in & # 39; black and white photocopies, had four front & # 39; people and never played on the radio. For years, his songs have been underestimated by magazines such as Rolling Stone. Although not done much to reach out to the masses either: they were invited to the famous program with live Saturday night they gave up part and the appearance of One classic & # 39; … And justice for all ( 1988) did not want to publish singles because "this is what made Led Zeppelin", According to Hetfield.

While fans of the group grew and the band acquired greater artistic autonomy, came tragedy. 26 & # 39; September 1986, Burton gave an interview to a Swedish magazine saying that the group "will proceed as soon as & # 39; is to present themselves as this was the success & # 39; Judas Priest and Iron Maiden ". The next day, the bus that ħahom from Stockholm to Copenhagen after the driver reversed into & # 39; asleep and bass player was crushed by a wheel of the vehicle. The band took a few months & # 39; boredom and taken to Burton & # 39; Jason Newsted, who received cruel by Ulrich, Hetfield and practically already heard about in … And Justice.

Revered as metal stars, were vilifikati their supporters on the next album and their most popular to work with producer Bob Rock, who participated in the albums & # 39; Bon Jovi and Motley Crue. It was left to his most pop work, but at the same time most & # 39; anxiety: without his physical presence, emerged the songs their new f & # 39; total sold in Madison Square Garden in 1991-including members & # 39; Nirvana-. When saw the rows of & # 39; people, Hetfield felt it was fulfilled his self-pity: it would be great as Led Zeppelin

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