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The blacklist Colo Colo: Players who can leave Monumental – National football


The blacklist Colo Colo: Participants can leave the Monumental

The beginning stage Albo & # 39; restructuring where several players can leave once the tournament ends.



Failure & # 39; continuity & # 39; Hector Tapia as coach colo colo It was the first decision taken by Black and white. Now continue & # 39; know which players will not continue once the tournament ends.

Agustín Orion, Gonzalo Fierro, Julio Barroso and César Pinares are the names that share the board of Alba dealer and not just positions & # 39; "Mosismo" and "Vialismo", but also the view of the rapporteurs on the continuity of the actors.

Anyway, everything indicates that the side Gonzalo Fierro and midfielder César Pinares discontinue f & # 39; Colo Colo for the next season.

Others who can leave are Argentina Matías Zaldivia and Óscar Opazo, But in & # 39; in this case appearing as "esportables" Albo of the plant, so any offer is evaluated.

Finally there is the uncertain cases & # 39; Jaime Valdés and Lucas Barrios. While the first one is already considered leaving Colo Colo in & # 39; half a year, launched the second sentence left in & # 39; suspend its continuity.

"I have a current contract, but there are many decisions to be made", adding that "I always did well in Brazil, have left the door and always have the possibility to get & # 39; back".


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