Friday , March 24 2023

The campaign & # 39; offers made by a child to find his dog


The campaign offers little Tomás doing to find his lost dog gone viral in social networks, For this particular prize offers: Easter Bread and 3,000 pesos for the person to return your pet.

"Dear friends, I lost my dog ​​so much loved, in – Father Román de Vitacura sector, Is a Maltese Nana and her name is Dora ", Tomás mention in the announcement.

The campaign was viralizzata by the child's mother in his Twitter account, Which soon began to receive messages & # 39; also support and help from people living in the area where the lost animal.

"I f & # 39; & # 39 Vitacura not; Pasteur, I will be careful. Let your son's / daughter has faith. This will appear. Courage", Was one of the comments on the photo & # 39; the ad that the child's mother posted on their social networks.

"Well, good luck with your dog, the Christmas miracles exist", added another user.

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