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The Captain Marvel presents its new official trailer


The Captain Marvel presents its new official trailer

3 & # 39; December 2018 / cinema

The next film of the universe & # 39; & # 39 of superheroes; Marvel Studios will premiere on 7 & # 39; March, 2019, with a cast that includes Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Jude Law.

Before the real hecatomb that will represent the universe of film & # 39; marvel Studios the closure of the history & # 39; The Vengaturi 4, Who will leave after the stage started with the first film & # 39; Iron Man To start a new era, the company will present a real snack for that dish in the background: the first female superhero film starring.

it is about The Captain Marvel, The film will present to us interpreted by Carol Danvers Brie Larson, Backtracking in time in history contained in the nineties.

Here not only will people see Nick Fury, and this trailer allows us to see something more digital renewal Samuel L. Jackson will play, but the mystery will take place after the lost memories & # 39; it the man who became part of intergalattiku force & # 39; warriors.

With the World fate involved, f & # 39; half of the growing threat of Skrulls Empire, all promoting Marvel Capitan made one thing clear: this film will leave alone, but will also support the introduction & # 39; heroine in the future, it can & # 39; face Thanos.

See the new trailer below.

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