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The Cutting & # 39; Rotundo: Court rejects plagiarism and acquire scripts & # 39; "Veinteañero at 40 '


Total change of the event & # 39;Twenty something at 40", The television series that Channel 13 in 2015 was accused to justice as a copy of the project"S & # 39; a new old?"Created by Alex Rivera and Marcelo Guajardo, Both plaintiffs in the case.

During the day it was announced that the Scriptures of national production, Sergio Díaz lives, Was released from – after all payments – Third Criminal Court Oral & # 39; Santiago set to m & # 39; there is no precedent that allows presumption that the work was plagiarism.

Twenty something at 40 Twenty thing at 40 Channel 13

F & # 39; unanimous decision, Judge Félix Ascencio, Claudia Santos and Blanca Rojas, estimated that m & # 39; there is no evidence or expertise to account for any copy of the respondent, stressing that the defendant "did not submit evidence – documentary Sfondalment – can & # 39; to be appreciated and collected directly from conviction to establish the infractions postulated to the law of intellectual property, which could not be deduced from the evidence poured in & # 39; general terms, more oriented to provide a reliable background views.

B & # 39; this way, the court rejected all arguments & # 39; the complainant– Represented by lawyers Patricio Guzmán and Solange Davisz– that Diaz decided to take court despite the fact that the Public Prosecutor did not ppersaqxix in the case initiated in 2015.

After knew the verdict, the lawyer Felipe MORAGA, together with & # 39; Juan Pablo Gómez Yuseff assumed the defense pleadings, assured that "we are facing just tremendously decision, Because the indictment contained a number of & # 39; errors and defects ".

"There was no plagiarism, there has never been a copy and test & # 39; originality required by law was not met, was Different genres, different plots, different characters, different formats and different dramatic arcs", Emphasized MORAGA.

The case

As mentioned before, the case was initiated following a complaint lodged by Rivera and Guajardo in 2015, And after a series of & # 39; proceedings, the prosecution decided not tipperservax in the investigation having assessed that there were no records that could constitute crimes.

However, the complainants insisted on their request and at & # 39; private event, Proof & # 39; Sergio Díaz for the crime & # 39; plagiarism, Requesting punishment 540 days and a fine & # 39; 1000 UTM.

In the first process, The script was sentenced, But later the Supreme Court annulled the trial and ordered a second, B & # 39; remarkable note defects in the judgment & # 39; conviction.

B & # 39; this way, this week carries a second process, which that there & # 39; crime was excluded and the participation of the accused in the facts supported the charge.

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