Wednesday , May 25 2022

The daughter & # 39; O & # 39 René, Ryan revealed as they were the last days of life & # 39; father | society


The daughter & # 39; O & # 39 René, Ryan, Eileen, spoke with newspaper Latest News how his father lived the last days of life he had, after fighting against the long months of esophagus and liver cancer adversely affecting that.

F & # 39; this regard, 22-year-old began to say that "I saw on TV, Netflix, I like movies & # 39; action, Animal Planet channel and was distracted working on the computer ".

F & # 39; that line, he said that the "teacher" told him it was "Everything good " with the state of his health, though that situation has radically change over the past two weeks.

"One day he said" Eileen, with good ħassejtnix. I went to the doctor and found another tumor in my liver. & # 39; As he told me, on his mobile, "he said.

Notwithstanding the above, Eileen relates that her father always believed that he would overcome the disease. "It had all the faith that he would and undistorted and that's why I did not want to publish it, it was not necessary preferring to be calm" he added.

Finally, he stated that work was outstanding & # 39; & # 39 intersects with, René. "Throughout his life he wanted me parachute, was one of his dreams. I have a phobia of heights and I always told him about it. When this happened on cancer, said: & # 39; I will do it for you, & # 39; but we move passed by time. Now I want to do it as soon as possible, I speak with some friends of my father b'parachute, as a tribute, "crowned

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