Thursday , December 9 2021

The event & # 39; Moreno and Catrillanca: "Nobody can & # 39; try to resolve a problem in a few months to centuries'


After the death of Camilo komuneru Catrillanca, Minister Alfredo Moreno is what most traveled to the area of ​​conflict & # 39; Mapuche. The head & # 39; Social Development said that he regrets the fact that the most because it was in office.

F & # 39; interview & # 39; El Mercurio, stressed the government in immediate response & # 39; complex moment. "Of course there is an obstacle and one wants to be there, but nobody can & # 39; calls for solving a problem that has been going on for decades & # 39; years or centuries in & # 39; a few months, but the important thing is that we are on track, "he said.

For Moreno, the death of & # 39; Catrillanca meant a serious blow to the policies he was implementing in the area, and great sorrow for what happened.

"We work so that things do not occur like what happened to Camilo Catrillanca and his family, his community and the people who love him."

For Moreno is necessary to re & # 39; bring confidence to continue. "The fundamental problem in the region is the lack of & # 39; trust between people and in respect of State, the path we have followed exactly this, political will".

Consulted a possible presidential candidacy, since most surveys indicated him to the position, the minister of Social Development showed that "never had a candidate for anything, m & # 39; I am a candidate, nor will I candidate".

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