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the event & # 39; rape urging television and Argentine social networks


Thelma odd, in a video which denounced violation & # 39; Juan Darthés (Prensa Libre Photo: YouTube).
Thelma odd, in a video which denounced violation & # 39; Juan Darthés (Prensa Libre Photo: YouTube).

About 400 female personality met Tuesday in Multiteatro, in The Argentina, To show their support for the actress Thelma odd.

Odd was part of series ugly Ducklings, Production became also known in Latin America. In it, the actress coincided with Brazilian Juan Darthés.

F & # 39; then, at the age of & # 39; 16 years, odd been abused by Darthés, as she confirmed in & # 39; a press conference held in Multitheater, located on the current adventures a & # 39; Buenos Aires.

Odd showed that the accident occurred when the votes were in Nicaragua as part of a visit to the region – also had data in Guatemala-.

"For nine years to be able to Cancel & # 39; & # 39 moves, forward", explained the actress. "Thanks to anyone who speaks, I & # 39; I speak today."

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In the video, published Tuesday, saying his testimony odd and heart details & # 39; what happened that night with & # 39; Darthés.

The news spreads quickly. The collector & # 39; the actress Argentinas reached the Multiteatro to support each odd. In social networks, on the other hand, many women joined with the label # NoNosCallamosMore and #MiraComoNosPonemos.

Does & # 39; that HASTAG, many women around the world expressed their solidarity with & # 39; actress and also indicated some cases of & # 39; rape suffered.

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