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"The Fear of discrimination prevents early diagnosis & # 39; HIV." Deia, news from Bizkaia


Bilbao– The fear & # 39; discrimination remains & # 39; an important obstacle in the implementation of preventive measures and early diagnosis in the & # 39; HIV.

"People do not know how the reality of day to day people living with the changed virus at & # 39; the last decade. Not only since 95 is a chronic disease, but by 2010, scientific evidence showed that a person b & # 39; HIV treatment which does not identify the virus in the blood will not transmit the disease in & # 39; sexual relations without protection, that can not be measured is equal to intransmissibli. the So -dijanjożi infection as soon as possible & # 39; is not only avoid many of the nearly 500 annual deaths from AIDS still persist in the State, "but we are presented, as indicated by CESIDA, as one more effective preventive measures to reduce the number of & # 39; new infections ", explains Marco Imbert, a & # 39; T-4 Association, in the fight against AIDS.

These discoveries and effective treatments currently available have changed the lives of people with HIV because it allows them to relax before situations and vital features of life such as gender, the power to take standardized affective sexual relationship, the issue of maternity / paternity. "M & # 39; should place more, as in the past through & # 39; specific procedures to certify and ensure that there is no transmission & # 39; HIV. They will be able to have children with & # 39; natural way, even closer to emotional sexual normalcy than any other couple ", adding Imbert.

"In the Spanish state, more than 45% of the new diagnosis & # 39; AIDS made with & # 39; & # 39 many years; delays"

"A person b & # 39; HIV treatment which does not identify the virus in the blood will not transmit the disease"

Marco Imbert

In the state, more than 45% of new diagnoses are late. Were years of infection and diagnosis. In addition, a high percentage of & # 39; these people are found in the emergency room when they have already developed AIDS event. "It puts people's lives at & # 39; risk is most responsible for HIV to continue to expand", he explains.

For this reason, Associations, such as T-4, recommending bold and effective measures to promote the text in all of the areas of healthcare circuit. "We continue to welcome missed diagnosis opportunities in primary and specialized care. We want to reach those all people who do not go for these services, nuralizzaw text." In fact, diagnosis and treatment is an effective tool that is already beginning to yield results globally and in & # 39; a state cities.

On the long road & # 39; free advances no doubt in response to infection & # 39; HIV is lighting, but also many shadows. For example, the coordinator of the State HIV and AIDS refer to prep, new biomedical approach has shown high efficiency in preventing & # 39; new infections. The European Commission authorized its marketing in Europe in & # 39; August 2016, but not yet available in the state.

At this point, this year also the associations are optimistic, since the Ministry of Health recently revealed its intention to unblock the situation & # 39; paralysis which prep found.

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