Wednesday , December 8 2021

The first Renders Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact seen sift


It is obvious that Sony Something is on your hands. In recent days we have both the design as well as of the Xperia XZ4, following specifications beacon. However, its cut version does not want to be left behind and this is how Compact Xperia XZ4 now is the new player.

it turns out that circulating on the internet first rendering corresponding to this equipment. In addition, some of the technical specifications already has already emerged… b & # 39; estimated way, of course.

This is the Covenant Xperia XZ4

In the pictures that we will leave attached & # 39; it place You'll appreciate what the terminal looks like.

The first thing to note are the edges of & # 39; & # 39 and over, down the front, are too obvious. Perhaps here the Japanese declining to join & # 39; what is already standard & # 39; longer displays.

If we put the phone with the screen facing us, then we can describe to you what The on / off button is on the right side. More than likely, that same button works as a sensor fingerprint & # 39;.

The volume is higher than the above. Will have a round shape and tiny and will be separated both increasing as well as noise reduction.

On the edge of & # 39; below will have the Type C USB connector and microphone. On the opposite & # 39; the latter connector jack 3.5mm headphone jack and another microphone.

Front we enjoy stereo speakers (2 speakers), except for the camera selfie and LED flash.

After your back – for better or for worse – there are also unique photographic sensor. It will be accompanied by an LED flash.

If the font is correct, dimensions & # 39; this Compact Sony Xperia will XZ4 139.9 x 66.5 x 9.3 mm. Its screen covers about 5 inches.

As the rest of its features, such as processor, RAM and ROM; among others, have to wait a little longer to see if they appear in any future new filtering.

To finish, we send you a video where you & # 39; to see it smartphone its different angles:

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