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The foreign quotas again complicate the plan and


And & # 39; Chile

One of the major complications that had University of Chile in recent seasons to build his team is distributing & # 39; foreign quotas, and in & # 39; this inter-season, that factor again & # 39; mark the board decisions.

The U ended the year with & # 39; four & # 39; from the fifth quota used after the departure of Armando Cooper Panamanjan for Romanian football. Thus, in the Brazilian team into & # 39; Rafael Vaz, The Argentinean Matías Rodríguez Leandro Benegas, and Venezwel Yeferson Soteldo.

The intention DT Frank Kudelka is to specify the continuity of & # 39; Vaz and Soteldo, and b & # 39; taking into account the return of & # 39; Jonathan Zacarias, U has all its quotas for the 2019 season.

"In the distribution there is one reserved for a creative midfielder and we will see x & # 39; going from the center, the final definition will undergo future & # 39; Vaz and Soteldo, mainly," they comment from the club .

Thus, the handle and the options & # 39; VITTORI Sergio and Carlos Quintana in place of & # 39; central defense, and & # 39; Emanuel Reynoso or Ricardo Blanco in the position of creative flyer.

Another point to be considered in the distribution will be the nationalization of & # 39; Leandro Benegas, Which is developing procedure, but has not yet materialized. They also exist options to start lending, but the actor has always maintained his intention to fulfill his contract with the U.

Escudo / U. of Bandera & # 39; Chile

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