Tuesday , August 9 2022

The group & # 39; feminist performance kept stud "Latin American Stud" in House & # 39; Southern National


A group & # 39; performance feminist interrupted the speech of deputy Marcela Sabat and had a demon inside the & # 39; House down.

They are about six women wearing f & # 39; excess disease and false tail, which showed a canvas to tell "Abortionists".

The spokesman of the group, Cheril Linetti Jana, explained that in action "We draw our sin & # 39; mutant beasts, a & # 39; mares" not only to argue in favor of abortion, but also to "the patriarch jabortjaw justice, decisions are taken inside, to decide on our bodies, and above all, men '.

In addition, he said that during the peaceful eviction & # 39; Carabineros, karabinera caught their attention: "This is not kabbaret".

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