Sunday , June 11 2023

The harsh landscape receiving early arrival in Mario Salas & # 39; Colo Colo


Afternoon, Mario Salas will conduct its first training under Colo Colo, the team is always disposed to conduct and its been a fan & # 39; lifetime, according to his own confession. And it will do so in the middle & # 39; complex environment, x & # 39; has been the trend over the past months.

The day started very early Commander. 8 & # 39; in the morning, his car was already parked at the building complex & # 39; Macul, to perform his first tasks in the first team. Among other things, solve plus & # 39; Marcelo Espina names of the players remaining in the model, with the event & # 39; Jaime Valdes as a major doubt for the start of preseason in & # 39; Buenos Aires, starting on 6 & # 39; January.

Salas club to his love as the only element of & # 39; & # 39 in consent, directory marked by differences between the block & # 39; Aníbal Mosa and that & # 39; Gabriel Ruiz Tagle and Leonidas Vial, being settled in ordinary courts and also in & # 39; those & # 39; Financial Markets Commission. The exvolante, at least, is the taste of all the table, for its offensive proposal, his youth work and his character.

In the dressing room DT will find many players compared with those who were the last year. Namely: Lucas Barrios, Fernando Meza, Gonzalo Fierro, César Pinares, Pablo Soto, Bryan VEJAR, Nicolás Maturana. There are also others who are on the line, like Jaime Valdés, which the club failed possibility of seeking "exit & # 39; friendship".

Although Salas will not interfere in man football, he will have the mission to promote the values ​​of & # 39; those lower to fostering the first team, something that over the last season ended has complications, as Héctor Tapia was never convinced by the level & # 39; Sub-20 had at his disposal.

Marcelo Espina, director of sport and a great friend of Salas, said the idea is that the technician is allowed to work slowly in his contract year. Yes, to board the fundamental requirement in & # 39; this first season is to fight the title or at least ensure qualification for the Copa Libertadores 2020, which does not qualify for edition & # 39 ; this year meant losing stalled win important sum of money.

While he was waiting for reinforcements (for now associate with only & # 39; Juan Carlos Gaete, extelantero of & # 39; Cobresal), Salas starts the most important challenge of his career, with a mission to return something & # 39; peace with the results on the court. Although during the era of Black and White, the waters were never enough calm.

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