Tuesday , June 28 2022

The indecision of & # 39; Unión Española gave victory to Moreno in ANFP | sports


As Vota went to vote Jorge Uauy and Sebastián Moreno over – four & # 39; turns ran – competition for – the – chair chair ANFP, Leaving Harold Mayne-Nicholls relegated to third place with & # 39; only 18 votes.

Thereafter, on the ballot was the president & # 39; Palestinu who had the most votes, standing b & # 39; 24-22, only one vote of an absolute majority established by the statutes. Until that moment, it seemed that the race was going for.

Third round result was repeated and Uauy needed only one vote to the helmman the new headquarters & # 39; Quil. The Unión Española voted for Moreno in the first round and then made it to Arabic helm in the second and third. Moreover, lost two votes gave the assurance of teams First B.

But the picture has changed radically during the fourth & # 39; round. Box Hispanic again & # 39; to change his thinking and voted again & # 39; else Moreno. B & # 39; that marker changed and the continuation of & # 39; Arturo Salah was 24-22.

Finally, the balance was divided by Cobreloa, club refused to continue to vote for Uauy and changed to Moreno, Which it has been elected as the new head of the ANFP b & # 39; 25 vote.

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