Friday , December 3 2021

The link between the actor Fernando Godoy and the girl from the Telethon


The actor Fernando Godoy participated in the activities Teletón Theater on Saturday as part of the day & # 39; solidarity.

F & # 39; half of this, one of the cases presented was that & # 39; Recuenga Haoa, girl & # 39; 6 years of Pasco, who was born with & # 39; chromosomal anomaly that did cause a problem in konfounding & # 39; one of her legs and caused delays in her speech.

His story took the audience. But it was in an interview with & # 39; Mario Kreutzberger the parents of the girl, said that when one of the telephone operators was close to family. It was about the actor.

Then Fernando Godoy approached: "These are my family, they are my life. I saw how my couples fought a lifetime." Then the mother made a necklace and said that he will always be grateful for the actor, who was more excited by gesture.

"Reitanga is the second kids child (Screws and her partner, Víctor), and is my honorary għożla. I saw born her. And with his parents we are family about 10 years ago," said Godoy Las ultima Noticias.

Godoy said he met "on a journey & # 39; mine to the island. I usually avoid the tour package, always rent a room or house to sit & # 39; to & # 39; people. I have always managed I have family in & # 39; other places, and in & # 39; in this case, f & # 39; Rapa Nui, which saqni crazy. at that time, Mega did not arrive on the island; They knew me as such. "

"That family welcomed me. I stayed for almost two weeks and a half and that day has not stopped. I go two or three times a year."

The actor added that teaches about the complications & # 39; Reitanga birth. "I lived that whole process, that suffering, them. Even how difficult it is to enter Telethon," he said.

"There are many children who need to be rehabilitated and the line in the list of & # 39; waiting is tremendous. We still have our lives and are here treatments in & # 39; Santiago", explained.

He also said that the child's birth (Lua, 7 months) suffered dysplasia: "He had to use straps and working on that. It's not anything serious, but still have to face treatment. Fortunately, I had no need to enter center the Telethon, but still have that fiber. "

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