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"The Lion King": 7 curious facts about the original film [VIDEOS y FOTOS] Trade | Lights


Disney It is a blow for nostalgia to release the trailer of the remake of & # 39; "The Lion King." Thousands of & # 39; users & # 39; Social networks have expressed their emotion to the expected advancement.

The new film & # 39; "The Lion King" It will be released in & # 39; July 2019. The wait is long and that is why will review some of the little known facts of the original Disney film.

1. Awards

The film & # 39; "The Lion King" was outsourced in Peru 8 & # 39; July 1994. The film won two Oscars with its soundtrack, and the Golden Globe in the category of & # 39; best film, comedy or musical.

2. Title

The film originally going to be called "The King of the Beasts". Then changed to "King Of The Jungle" and ended up entitled "The Lion King". It should be remembered that this was the first original film produced by Disney.

3. Made in Japan

"The Lion King" is inspired by the anime & # 39; "Kimba, the White Lion" of & # 39; Japanese origin. The Japanese animation was charged mythical Osamu Tezuka, creator & # 39; Astroboy.

4. Jabal and meerkat

Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella, Timon and Pumba, respectively, applied to the casting hyenas. The director realized that the voices were very funny and decided to Timon and Pumba left.

5. The secret of life

The song "Hakuna Matata" elusive originally enrolled in a & # 39; "The Lion King". The first suggestion was one that was about food & # 39; insects. A trip to Africa made production and those in charge of music create the mythical song.

6. Challenge

The sequence & # 39; stamp taken three years to complete. The scene was to be executed by & # 39; new computer program that enabled him vibrating several characters or animals simultaneously.

7. dobbling

"The Lion King" had many surprises and satisfaction for Disney. The animated film was the first company that was iddabbjata Zulu for its premiere in Africa.

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