Sunday , May 28 2023

The Minsa congress was to promote the fight against tobacco consumption


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) organized the II International Multidisciplinary Congress on Smoking and the Non Commemorative disease, to promote the prevention of tobacco use in the population.

By & # 39; this activity, the Minsa contemplated the training & # 39; collaborators, technical thousand three hundred administrative staff, "to improve knowledge and skills of health staff for the comprehensive management of smoking, prevention and its control". .

To raise awareness through & # 39; continuing education aimed at the body professionals, during the scientific convention out parallel actions "to stimulate interest to quit smoking to tobacco consumers and to raise awareness the population of the damage it causes to human use of the cigarette ", with the execution of & # 39; activities such as: context & # 39; Photography, Painting Context, Clinical Context, Competition & # 39; & # 39 works; Research, Troubadour Competition, Competition & # 39; Stand Regional, under the motto of the Congress "El Tabacos cut & # 39; hearts, choose health".

According to the MINSA data, for more than 10 years, Panama has a comprehensive policy on tobacco control, since 2004 is part of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ( FCTC) implementation is based on the application & # 39; different national rules ranging from resolutions to the laws, as in the case of Law 13 & # 39; January 24, 2008.

Some important points of the legal regulation of tobacco control include: bid & # 39; programs to quit smoking, closed circles & # 39; 100% smoke free (bars, pubs and others), including & # 39; health warnings, pictograms and texts on cigarette packages, increase in cigarette tax (which percentage is transferred to the Ministry Health prevention and treatment of smoking and its related illnesses).

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