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The new and strong passenger plane without intermediate seats


There shark on the track. No, not scenery & # 39; nightmare caused by severe flooding, but Embraer E190 E2 plan is, painted with a special livery of & # 39; white sharks.

In recent months, these ships have generated reactions in stillaw & # 39; photos & # 39; Instagram for their trips from Maldives to Africa & # 39; South during world tour.

This is the family of the exhibition plan & # 39; regional jets E2 & # 39; Boeing and Embraer, Covering E2 E175, E190 and E195 E2 E2, and some are destroyed out that its competitor, the Airbus A220, has recently been exploiting.

The A220 series It was originally created by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier as the Series C, And first sold to Swiss International Air Lines, using them by 2016. AirBaltic became the second operator Series C, at the end of 2016 and in Korea Air received its own delivery, f & # 39; December 2017, and Delta also placed orders and plans to start regular A220 flights in 2019.

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E2 vs. A220

However, it was f & # 39; October 2017 that Airbus announced a partnership with & # 39; Bombardier, The majority of manufacturer and brand change from C to A220 series began during the Farnborough Air Show in & # 39; July 2018.

Rivalry between the E2 series & # 39; Embraer and Airbus A220 reached its peak in & # 39; Farnborough, When JetBlue Airways ordered 60 A220 on E2, to replace the Embraer 190. The first fleet deliveries & # 39; are not expected until 2020, but for travelers who know, and maybe love, the smaller airplanes JetBlue fleet (the line & # 39; airline currently operates only Airbus A320 and Embraer E190s), change to A220 Airbus means losing overlooked detail is a registered trademark & ​​# 39; Embraer: intermediate not have chairs.

The world tour & # 39; Embraer had the opportunity to manufacturer & # 39; Brazilian aircraft to demonstrate to customers, as well as the traveling public, which also craft & # 39; new aircraft and technical advances and & # 39; comfort.

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larger windows, larger containers

So, x & # 39; Are these advances, specifically?

While – details, suchthe leg room and seat configuration are decisions that each line & # 39; air must do, airplanes & # 39; new generation offer some guaranteed benefits for passengers, such as windows redesigned b & # 39; larger framework for the car is more illuminated, superior containers that are 40% larger and able Luggage & # 39; standard hand at -roti, first, and without lines & # 39; support under the seat to give more leg room.

"The goal is to preserve the personal space of passengers", said Rodrigo Silva e Souza, vice president of Marketing for Embraer Commercial Aviation, CNN Travel.

The interior of the E2 plan indicating "feel f & # 39; wide body cabin" to "give passengers the impression that they have more space, or have a larger plan".

While travelers may feel that traveling in a larger plan, there is a distinct feature is undoubtedly Embraer, and will continue E2 aircraft: the lack of & # 39; intermediate seats.

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Improved fuel efficiency

Not even the most miserable lines can put seats in intermediate & # 39; these aircraft; configuration will be 2-2, with passengers assigned to window or hallway.

Embraer even offers a selection & # 39; premium cabin b & # 39; stepped chairs, in order to increase privacy.

From a technical standpoint, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions are the main pros, and it is possible under & # 39; entirely new wing design. The plan is also easier with & # 39; In general, due to the use of the latest flight technology.

While the sharks with a thigh plan remains & # 39; s going to his world, already Embraer jets E2 to enter regular passenger service.

Where to fly?

The first was in E2 E190 & # 39; April to regional subsidiary & # 39; Scandinavian Airlines, Widerøe, and the line & # 39; the airline now flies three over Norway.

The largest customer & # 39; E2 is SkyWest, affiliated regional airlines flying companies such as American Airlines, Delta, United and Alaska Airlines.

Place your order, the first one was placed on the E2 program was launched in Show & # 39; Air & # 39; Paris 2013, Is 100 units of the smaller plane E2, E2 of the E175, you can & # 39; carrying between 80 and 90 passengers, depending on configuration.

This means that the new E2 jets will be & # 39; surprise for passengers in the United States b & # 39; more spacious interior, top containers larger, though it will be only in 2021, when the first deliveries are scheduled. FlightGlobal reports that Embraer also stressed on Alaska Airlines, Spirit and United as the lines & # 39; air & # 39; USA that & # 39; likely to benefit from the replacement of & # 39; part of their current fleet & # 39; narrow bodies with & # 39; E2 aircraft.

AerCap, independent company leasing aircraft with & # 39; clients of airlines from around the world, signed the second largest order of & # 39; E2, b & # 39; over 20 than any larger variant of # 39, E190 and E195 E2 E2, and confirmed that Air Astana of Kazakhstan is the first placement.

When you start your deliveries? In 2019.

Azul, Brazil; Helvetic, Switzerland; Wataniya of Kuwait Airlines and Tianjin of China and ordered the variants E2.

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