Saturday , July 24 2021

The Pelotazo column: youth football Assassins

Overcoming Anger Sad So after I saw the first two games of the Chilean national team under 20 in the America & # 39; South.

I still do not understand how incapable remain & # 39; technique. Héctor Robles was penultimate in the previous tournament and tawlha another chance. Chance of b & # 39; clearly not taking advantage.

Can not see a change with respect to 2017. The team messy, without conviction, wait for individuality to save the game. DT has directed six games and no winnings.

There is something worse than the Red parts: press conferences & # 39; Robles. Self-criticism and with zero & # 39; such statements "It seems that we were forced to win all games" or "would equal".

The first sentence was following link to Bolivia. It is mandatory to win at home against the Altiplano. It is the weakest rivals in the America & # 39; South. The problem is that you must prove it on the court. And Chile has little, so small, sometimes green dominated the action.

The second sentence was after the defeat of Venezuela. If it were not for the keeper Chile ,, the Vinotinto was next. Of & # 39; unequal.

Then we technician who sees the truth or lying. In case it & # 39; the last, I have the certainty that people are not stupid and do not buy the nonsense they were told.

Go four & # 39; lost years, not to mention six, and ANFP does not seem worried. First, to keep coaches do not contribute anything. For India we kklassifikajna at the end of & # 39; "crack" and in the World Cup were among the four & # 39; worst option from a total of & # 39; 24.

And second, because it m & # 39; there is zero interest in football man. When jissetturizzawha wanted by the areas of the country and in Santiago to play almost everything in Quil, everything went over. There is no competition, m & # 39; there is no pressure and then try to make it into the America & # 39; South. impossible

Thank you removed the Chile football future., And be clear, in life everything is returned. Comes time to pay for very bad decisions.

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