Monday , November 29 2021

"The people who were on the tractor rimettjana"


The Carabineros Raúl Ávila, Carlos Alarcon, Braulio Valenzuela and Patricio Sepulveda they were formalized in Catrillanca case, currently in & # 39; preventive detention.

According to information provided by the Prosecutor's Office, Carlos Alarcon is the author of the shot ending life & # 39; Camilo on 14 & # 39; November.

It is exactly the last evidence that the former sergeant Alarcon showed the main points of the investigation.

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17 & # 39; November, Alarcón remarked, and complemented his testimony & # 39; before: "Having passed the third hurdle, was some 15 meters imissni when I find face & # 39; & # 39 to face, blue tractor, Led by one subject and was accompanied by another.

"The driver saw his face and I acknowledge he had a mustache, friends had his head covered with & # 39; something. You found front, in & # 39; distance & # 39; not more than 10 or 12 meters, and (…) The first thing I did was to intimate him to stop, Pointing to the vehicle with my service weapon ".

Alarcon added that he did so because, as they were advancing, they received information from the helicopter flew over the area to "three subjects left the stolen vehicle and climbed on a tractor".

"They ignored me and continued their March (…) When they met, said phrases like "stop, carabinero, stay there". However, the maneuver tractor was short and advanced immediately, leaving me close to the curve.

"Then I took the decision, if not remember exactly four & # 39; five, direct shots at the tractor. I am sure that I have indicated to the lowest area of ​​the tractor, may not & # 39; to determine if the area right or left, but the party & # 39; later, it was like a metal shovel.

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"My idea was to get them to stop. The area has been issued area & # 39; safe shooting", Says the witness, according to La Tercera.

Thereafter, the tractor stopped on the side of the road. According to Alarcon, adolescents ended up going & # 39; below, identified as M.A.P.C., with his hands, at the same time he could & # 39; see Camilo with head injury.

Although he pointed out that during this intervention was "the target of & # 39; shooting from different places", neither Catrillanca or adolescents accompanying him were armed.

"The people who were on the tractor with us rimettjaw"He assured.

Raúl Ávila, Another one of those formalized by crime & # 39; simple homicide and attempted & # 39; murder, what was later reduced M.A.P.C ..

The four are currently formalized in & # 39; preventive detention, at least for the duration of investigations.

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