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The Prosecutor's Office instructing a new search last disappeared in sediments of Villa Santa Lucia de Chaitén – national


© Photo: One Agency. The Prosecutor's Office ordered a new search & # 39; the latter disappeared in & # 39; & # 39 of alluvium; Villa Santa Lucia de Chaitén

Sixto Villegas not yet been found, citizen whose information was not available due to the natural disaster that occurred in & # 39; December of last year.



The Regional Prosecutor's Office & # 39; Los Lagos instructions this week a New heals of & # 39; the latter disappeared after – alluvium of & # 39; St Lucia villa, in Chaitén, in December 2017.

it is about Sixto citizen Villegas, After losing the trail natural disaster will grow place which led to 21 deaths.

The decision to continue the search for Sixto was taken after a meeting conducted by the Commission The Regional Prosecutor & # 39; Los Lagos, Marcos Emilfork,where took part andis a regional director of the ONEM, Alejandro Verges, and – head of the prefecture Llanquihue WFP, The prefect Bevilacqua Luis Saavedra.

"It is relevant to answer the pain suffered by the victims, to give meaning to our humanitarian work", Raised in – relation – determination – Local prosecutor & # 39; Chaitén, José Campos Vivallo.

The first operation steps will include the designation of areas where it can & # 39; is Sixto

Photo: One Agency.


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