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The prosecutor's office to investigate Franzani General reserved for meetings after the offense & # 39; Camilo Catrillanca


14 & # 39; in November, the General of Order and Security of Carabineros, Christian Franzani Cifuentes, traveled to Temuco in institutional plan to place after the events that occurred that day afternoon, according the confused versions given by Carabineros and former intendenti of & # 39; the Araucania, Luis Mayol, orally spoke operation after theft & # 39; Violent vehicles where, it was alleged, was involved Mapuche comunero, Catrillanca Camilo, who was killed by & # 39; cut in the neck.

As could & # 39; reconstitute The Counter, Franzani had several meetings in the area and monitor everything that was happening with & # 39; order of the Director General Hermes Soto Isla. His role today is short of the Public Prosecutor's Office, b & # 39; in particular after the first officer Carlos Alarcon – accused of firing the shot that killed a Catrillanca-recorded video, to ensure that they asked "lie" about the events occurred. F & # 39; La Moneda, after several hours meeting with President Sebastián Piñera, the Minister & # 39; Home Andrés Chadwick with the Director Hermes Soto and his high command, the Government asked the institution to collaborate with & # 39; the regional prosecutor's office investigation, if the legal conditions for making effective the preventive detention of & # 39; four & # 39; officials involved in the offense.


In the early days there were at least three meetings between genres and lawyers of the Carabineros. The first was in the early 15 & # 39; in November, which took part along with Franzani & # 39; civil lawyer Cristián Quiñiñir Inostroza and the captain and lawyer Álvaro Sobarzo was made Franzani the region. The second meeting was that same Thursday at 6.00 p.m., which joined two other lawyers, one of them was Jorge Parra, one of them, as well as officials who participated in the operation, including pilots.

The latter was not & # 39; Hermes Soto Isla Friday, 17 & # 39; In November & # 39; Pailahueque, who had traveled with & # 39; order of the Minister Chadwick. F & # 39; that point, the prosecution already know that one of the officers was delete the image & # 39; the operation so it was decided to open an obstacle to the & # 39; investigation.

Details & # 39; these meetings and the information circulated within the institution that is investigating the regional prosecutor's office. According to the content of the prosecutors in charge of case interviews, along with & # 39; reconstruction & # 39; everything happened, puts emphasis on the role of & # 39; Franzani in the early days.

For example, 26 & # 39; in November, stated Jorge Contreras Figueroa, the prefect of the Special Forces left the institution – with General Mauro Victoriano – having known that an official who participated in the destroyed operation evidence, that basically this was achieved with cameras to use in their equipment.

The statement & # 39; & # 39 Contreras can; is essential to inquiries being made in the prosecution: note that one of the tasks was carried out after the operation and are usually in relation to & # 39; of & # 39 proceedings; importance, was collaborating with & # 39; Executive report should give their superiors. He says he received the draft by the Commissioner Pincheira and made a series of & # 39; corrections.

"When read it, I realized that this report contained numerous errors both in & # 39; in terms of content as well as its content, because there was no & # 39 above, which in my opinion should be incorporated . that is why I decided corrected with the information they've been nirġabar both Special Forces officers, never speaking to & # 39; staff & # 39; GOPE to make this report. regarding & # 39; what happened specifically with wounded and died later, kept that contained the same draft, because they only know that it was actually happened, and that version was that the person had crossed line, so it was printed on that report. that report was also approved by the General (Mauro) Victoriano also by Gallegos General. it was also reviewed by a lawyer who accompanied the Franzani General, who arrived in -Post b & # 39; urgently from Santiago and joined late at night. Once corrected kompletamen t, sent to the National Directorate of & # 39; Order and Security, under the General Franzani. "

In his statement, Contreras also talks about the preparation of the second part of & # 39; Carabineros – the first one was only relates to theft & # 39; vehicles – to be delivered. Both the party as well as its content and its preparation are also the subject of investigations conducted by the prosecutor Cristián Paredes, because this is where we talk about alleged confrontation, which was excluded following the antecedents already known.

For the part, which was known in the 15 & # 39; November, Contreras says: "For your question I would say that indeed the party was written in Collipulli Unit and pparteċipajtx directly into her writing, for that reason f & # 39; that the read part of the document which mentioned that there & # 39; confrontation with & # 39; third parties, leaving the tractor in the line & # 39; fire, the truth is that while you were located at the site of the event and by the time I find myself with the tractor, with apprezzajtx that "your statement

Three days before Contreras filed a statement, the prosecutor Jorge Calderara asked the Mayor of & # 39; Carabineros and the Commissioner of Police Station 2 Special Forces in the area, Christian Fernández Opazo, on the presence of Franzani General in the police station at night events. .

"For your question: In Station Special Forces Police, the Cristian Franzani my Cifuentes was established night. I understand that attending my Franzani General was given the seriousness of the situation which account face. At the police station there was a meeting attended in addition to the general my Franzani, general (Mauro Victoriano), the Lieutenant Sotomayor Colonel, and I do not remember anyone else. I came after the meeting had begun and that I got the impression it was to comment in & # 39; informal terms of the events that occurred. I stayed & # 39; few at the meeting, because my Franzani General had to go to a Collipulli. at the time to attend the meeting , remember nurhom video recorded with a camera ġarrejt where the first aid to the injured person is appreciated ".

F & # 39; another statement of 23 & # 39; in November, but at 15: 15 and before the prosecutor Roberto Garrido, has been proven by Lieutenant Colonel José Correa Correa, serving as sottoprefett of the Prefecture Services Special Forces & # 39; La Araucania No 32. After the events account & # 39; what 14 & # 39; November, Correa says that when he returned to Pailahueque "myriad & # 39; people gathered, do not know at & # 39; what order or when they arrived, but I remember it was in & # 39; place. General Franzani three lawyers from the institution he did not know. General Victoriano my, the Colonel Jorge Contreras, the Sotomayor Commander, the Pincheira Commander, Commissioners Claudio Donoso, Manuel Martinez, Christian Fernandez and lawyer Cristián Inostroza. Wasu aware that my Franzani General had meeting & # 39; some people in the prefect's office, but was not called for. F & # 39; around noon & # 39; of 15 morning & # 39; in November, went to Ercilla with my Contreras Colonel , where he remained & # 39; to about 4 am, finally returned to quarters & # 39; Pailahueque. "

Consultation on the issue, Carabineros explained that it will not refer to the subject, because it is an investigation in course. The regional prosecutor's office, meanwhile, did not respond to inquiries from this device.

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