Monday , September 26 2022

The psychologist gives 5 tips to sleep better if you will sell Life PSU


It is very likely that those taking the University Selection (PSU Test), as the date approaching, less sleep, nerves, anguish, pressure.

Because of this, the psychologist and hypnotherapist, José Luis Rojas, give recommendations on how to achieve good sleep. "The hygiene of sleep is always important, especially for young people who will carry the PSU", Says.

"Using a computer analogy, the memory acquired during the study is reorganized so that it can & # 39; stored long-& # 39; time, the RAM is fixed in hard disk ", explains psychologist b & # 39; analogy.

And he adds: "This process & # 39; memory consolidation occurs during sleep, are fragments while being trusted and will ultimately be part of the student luggage".

Similarly, Rojas describes what it means to be a "good hygiene & # 39; sleep":

– Sleeps hours required and night
– Relax the body before sleep
– Stretching & # 39; the body (such as dogs and cats) when re & # 39; raised
– Avoid the use of & # 39; medicines jirduvaw sleep
– Turn off electronic equipment and mobile
– Sleeping in & # 39; dark place

José Luis Rojas also recommends distracted by doing exercises, trekking or hiking to ixxenja the body and mind.

"And on the day of the PSU before it comes to taking the test, I suggest eating a" bit "of & # 39; chocolate, whereas feniletilamina which activate the brain to give a feeling of & # 39; to help welfare better perform the test ", Ends.

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