Monday , January 24 2022

The regret & # 39; Kudelka In games ever define us and it was worth one more Sports


With sharp criticism the technical & # 39; Chile University, Frank Kudelka, After the delay caused Iquique draw against the Blues respond to the title.

The trasandino argued that "we had to win the game and we have not generated any chance & # 39; home. I think the nervousness made a dent. They were always in & # 39; this promising stage to hope for practical team, without flushing, but a search practicality, intention and today we were not ".

For ċelebratur, the fact of fighting for a place in the Copa Libertadores is positive because until recently the Blues were just annoyed by Copa Sudamericana, but "It is not enough for me, is good, hope to improve in the other game, but today we had to win and we did".

Kudelka ruled that the team level dropped & # 39; so, although "we do not really work well, there are times when we consider the circumstances and today we were not". This does not mean to make it on purpose, but mostly because I'm here and that I saw before matches, theThose who define jiswewna, to do with & # 39; any way. We struggled to resolve and this was one more, unfortunately. "

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