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The responsibility of the Minister Emilio Santelices policy serious crisis & # 39; HIV / AIDS in Chile


"Do not know the reasons why she resigned. People sometimes continue of their cycle", said Minister Emilio Santelices to explain the forced resignation of & # 39; Ana María San Martín as Head of Program national Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS Ministry of Health. unexplained explanation regarding higher health authority to know and (again) the work carried out by its officials and details of public policies that are planned to develop and implement.

It is not the first time that Emilio Santelices trying to take the ball away from the camp, conceal the real reasons for the resignation of & # 39; San Martín, a nurse by profession and an expert in public health from the 80s , when nobody was involved in AIDS, began to accompany and report the pandemic to the most affected and vulnerable populations, including gay men, female sex workers and trans communities.

What the Minister of Health fights in his words are his own political responsibilities for the serious crisis facing public health in the treatment of HIV / AIDS, crisis to Chile among the 10 countries in the world where there is a greater increase in & # 39; new HIV positive cases, according to a recent study & # 39; UNAIDS.

I say the political responsibilities because Dr. Santelices left as an airplane on the issue of HIV / AIDS, which generated clear expectations and even adherence community, including myself, have seen and felt in & # 39; Durel Santelices new positive opportunity to deal with the public wrong policies in HIV / AIDS for more than 10 years show obvious defects reflected in the figures of the international body to ratify the same bad news was known at the time of & # 39; ex president Michelle Bachelet. The problem is that instead of improving, the bad news yesterday now changed in & # 39; chronicles much worse.

The political responsibility for the crisis of HIV / AIDS and the complex application of the National HIV / Ministry of Health AIDS Plan are the sole responsibility of & # 39; technical director of the National Program, but the ministry itself Emilio Santelices could not withstand this pressing challenge, appoint advisers, personal friends, who are not aware of hives & # 39; public policy. F & # 39; last March, Emilio Santelices appointed doctor questioned Carlos Beltran, president of Corporacion Sida Chile, personal adviser on matters & # 39; HIV / AIDS, which generated suspicion and concern in the social world relations they were never clear & # 39; Beltran with the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Recently, the same doctor Carlos Beltran was charged with serious malpractices in the management & # 39; treatments for HIV / AIDS, publicly denounced the indigenous activist Willy Morales of the National Network & # 39; Indigenous Peoples and will eventually end up being challenged in the courts of justice.

F & # 39; last September, after another false step, Emilio Santelices appoint journalist Alejandra Hewstone as the person in charge of institutional relations between the Ministry of Health and social organizations to work with & # 39; HIV / AIDS and Carlos Beltran as a technical consultant & # 39; Hewstone, an NGO that sells services to the Chilean State and someone from the former minister & # 39; Eduardo Frei, what was the Christian Democratic Claudio Hoffmann. This appointment, which resulted from social organizations, is currently being studied by the General Comptroller of the Republic, led to the loss of & # 39; administrative powers of the National Program HIV / AIDS and the lack of & # 39; political support from health authorities for technical work & # 39; Ana María San Martín, including the abandonment of the work suffered from stable Ministry of Health officer, a situation which we can see in & # 39; meetings Minsal meetings convened by itself.

It is disturbing and irritating to the highest authority in public health of President Sebastián Piñera says "ignore the reasons" for dispjaċeventi resignation to talk about information void, poor and / or deficient receiving from its consultants, b & # 39 ; in particular Dr. Carlos Beltran that, since March & # 39; this year, he sought to challenge the public prominence with officials of the Ministry of Health, b & # 39; in particular with & # 39; Ana María San Martín, while citing meetings, to hold meetings outside the office and encourages those organizations to formulate open criticism on HIV / AIDS from the ministry he advises.

From the beginning we asked and mistoqsijna, myself aroused public criticism, to double or triple role that Dr. Beltran is an expert doctor, ministerial adviser and president of Chile Sida Corporation, a medical institution to receive economic support from the pharmaceutical industry that clearly generates legitimate suspicions & # 39; & # 39 conflicts; interest, an issue that President Piñera promised to resolve itself by presenting the Law & # 39; Public Integrity.

The Minister sin Health b & # 39; naive way rightly indicating the reasons for the resignation of the Head of the National HIV / AIDS Program, where we are, but we, activists and social organizations work in & # 39; HIV / AIDS, voice criticizing shortcomings in public policy, which requires the highest health authority to comply with & # 39; what was promised and not mortgaging one made in preventing -HIV / AIDS the same Minsal, adopting erratic determinations such as the appointment of & # 39; personal advisers b & # 39; profit interests unrelated to public health.

I talk about criticism, concern and concern when, due to the determination of & # 39; these advisors, conducted campaign & # 39; prevention of HIV / AIDS, which called for a rapid HIV test in & # 39; primary care centers, without having them in the all public health facilities. country

I'm talking about criticism, concern and concern when, in the same campaign & # 39; prevention, social organizations and Michelle Bachelet were not invited, we are "informed by the press" about the appearance on television & # 39 ; this initiative & # 39; communication. The case is denounced in the courts of justice by & # 39; & # 39 Appeal; Sida Maule protection group and the Comptroller General of the Republic. The same minister received a letter from the social organizations such as & # 39; work on HIV / AIDS, a letter was not answered.

I talk about criticism, concerns and worries when Health Minister calls – f & # 39; last May – the press and social organizations to present National Plan HIV / AIDS appreciated, committing 18 billion additional pesos in the national budget for the implementation of & # 39; this ambitious national Plan contemplates new strategies such as incorporation of the female condom in public policies, distribution & # 39; preventive treatment prep negative people for HIV, competitive funding for social organizations and the creation of & # 39; new centers for the treatment of HIV / AIDS receive more than 25,000 positive people for HIV who do not know but can be diagnosed as & # 39; possible.

A few days ago we have been informed ourselves, again & # 39; other through the press, that the budget & # 39; 18 billion National Plan for HIV / AIDS reduced to 5 billion. According to the minister, the rest is achieved by "saving" in the purchase of medicines. Those of us who know about HIV / AIDS on the ground know that this is a bad excuse. Already before the confirmation cutting budget & # 39; the same Emilio Santelices in the newspaper Third, we received Resource Protection minister to fulfill his weak pawned word. The complaint stamped in unprecedented legal action must be resolved by the Supreme Court.

In short, Emilio Santelices Cuevas, the highest authority in public health and HIV / AIDS Chilean government can not and m & # 39; should be aware of the reasons for the resignation of the Head of Program national HIV / AIDS because it is its responsibility to warn, know and caught. It has jassumih because political responsibility in a serious crisis in HIV / AIDS lies precisely therein; authority responsible for taking bad decisions, responsible for informs, responsible not to hear, responsible for bad advice, responsible for breaking the trust that social organizations place on their person.

The thread is always cut from the slimmer and resignation & # 39; Ana María San Martín is a reflection of & # 39; that bad habit national policy. Be clear: The Head of the National HIV / AIDS Ministry of Health Program to resign due to technical weaknesses, but due to lack of & # 39; political support by the Ministry authorities Health and harassment argued that suffered from personal advisers minister. It is not acceptable or tolerable seeking to have technical officer without power & # 39; & # 39 making; decisions where political leaders have names and surnames: Minister Emilio Santelices, Undersecretary Paula Daza, Carlos Beltran and Alejandra Hewstone consultants.

It is time for the Minister Emilio Santelices to remove the mask of & # 39; health authority nearby vacated patients and visiting hospitals, assuming their own political responsibility in a serious crisis & # 39; HIV / AIDS in Chile.

Emilio Santelices is responsible for policy and assume its strategic mistakes that apply the same reflection ppronunċja before the press for the release in & # 39; sigh and lamentabbli of & # 39; Ana María San Martín, indicating that "some sometimes people end cycle ". For me, it is clear and evident that the Minister Emilio Santelices went and committed citizens own cycle.

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