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The return to glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]


In return the franchise to its origins in the Second World War, Battlefield V is an entertaining game, but still has outstanding debts.

One of the greatest sagas of & # 39; shooting games returned to the house that saw him take his first steps. We are talking Battlefield V, Bet by Electronic Arts and Dice to return to World War II. As we all know, f & # 39; in this case were established the first games & # 39; this concession.

After the good acceptance that had Battlefield 1 with its representation of the First World War, the Swedes decided to start taking advantage of its most modern version inspired by the second. Undoubtedly this has generated a lot of expectations. After all, what & # 39; another conflict is more interesting and deadly than took part in the Nazis?

Just this week Battlefield V had its launch, but in & # 39; Fayerwayer already had the opportunity to nittestjawha in its PC version. These were our impressions:

Battlefield V: We return to the glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]

The Single Player refuses to die … but do again & # 39; starts

The first time I played the first battle, did it without expecting any kind & # 39; & # 39 by narrative, in particular. However, I saw the so-called & # 39; War Stories & # 39 ;, happy to ħallienni. The reason for this is that it gave me experience that had already started dying in the genre shooters in & # 39; at that time.

The only thing that does not seem so good was the term & # 39; this "Campaign Mode". All stories lasted a little less than an hour, and started only five. In Battlefield V turned out to just three with the promise of & # 39; fourth & # 39; (And that seems more interesting) future. The truth is that those who currently have … not much jiddux.

Yes, we are, we return to the same formula of war & # 39; before. We soldiers, heroes and rebels are fighting out in order to defeat the enemy by not so conventional tactics. The problem with & # 39; it is that while each story is unique, the way the characters reach their goals is like too.

Let me explain: we have a young Norwegian woman opposing the German occupation, British criminals released from prison in the plan & # 39; "suicide squad" and Senegal soldiers fighting for France despite being treated & # 39; contempt. To have these elements can & # 39; varies greatly, but soon realizes that the player are raised the same way.

B & # 39; s all there stealth scenarios, shooting and mission to "destroy X amount & # 39; points". The only one who can & # 39; stands out amongst others can & # 39; is "The Last Tiger" which is piloted German tank. However, not yet available.

However, it is greatly appreciated that there are intentions to narrative. Hopefully the recent German history gives that variety that we are missing from the other three.

Battlefield V: We return to the glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]

The bet play as a team

Battlefield V took the class system seen in the Second World War to make it more solid. There – soldier & # 39; attack, Which equipped & # 39; machine guns and rocket launches before combat; see what a & # 39;recognition", In a few words is a Sniper; what one support, In charge of the distribution of ammunition; and – doctor, who deliver packages & # 39; healing.

This time he says he wanted to show us more to play more as a team by causing dependence among peers. For example, the ammunition is now smaller, so if you have a mate & # 39; to give support supplies, could soon & # 39; ends with bullets. In addition, you have just set & # 39; bands which you & # 39; saħħek, so you will need a doctor if you do not want to die so soon.

The changes in the system are remarkable team. When fall & # 39; to fight, one of your three companions can & # 39; again & # 39; awareness. You may actually scream for first aid during a "death clock" that can & # 39; delayed to arrive to help, or to cause one quick tħaffefha respawn. Of course, remains & # 39; the privilege of the physician to re & # 39; brings his colleagues more quickly and with & # 39; increased strength.

This is important because it really shows when your team is working together or not. Through the game you will find people who do not fly even if you empty the next death to them and seek help. However, when you encounter & # 39; to & # 39; careful people, you feel being supported all the time and you & # 39; constantly fight despite losing.

Battlefield V: We return to the glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]

multiplayer Modes

F & # 39; terms & # 39; & # 39 ways; Hunting see an enhanced version & # 39; "Operations" called "large operations"Over several" days "(game), players must fight for the destruction / protection & # 39; many goals. The results of & # 39; one day be transmitted to another within the allowed bonuses a & # 39; attack if it meets its goal. if the last day is linked, is defined as a sort of & # 39; death in & # 39; blow which no m & # 39 team, should have regenerations.

Of & # 39; rest have the typical way Conquest, Advance, Dominination and Duel to Death by con ̶C̶u̶c̶h̶i̶l̶l̶o̶s̶ Teams. There novelty is "Front", which is about capturing & # 39; flags open until the enemy base, where the objectives are to win the game dinamitati. Enemies can push against their long lay siege on the base.

We see a great experience & # 39; multiplayer is now much limestone compared to its predecessor. Of course, still keeps the habit dies many times with & # 39; casual items such as airplanes or rockets. This is war, I suggest.

By the way, the random deviation of bullets was eliminated. Therefore, we will have more comfort when it comes to combating medium and long distance.

Battlefield V: We return to the glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]

Highly refined art

The Frostbite engine does not disappoint us by giving us a great appearance & # 39; the image in Battlefield V. Details such as ambient lighting achieved very well and deserve to be successors to the artistic success he had in his time Battlefield 1. That when we realize this aspect stresses that shows very well the presence of & # 39; moisture the environment as appears in the image & # 39; below.

As usual, the stages are protected very well, especially in the stories of war. I remember one in particular was read and Norway, which included auroras in the night sky. Meanwhile, in the day that resembles the sun on a frozen lake gives a spectacular result and many fotoreġistiku.

The tissue & # 39; objects and the environment are very well defined. Beyond its shape, you & # 39; easily differentiate the visual sensation that produces something made of steel for a piece of cloth.

On the other hand, visual effects and sound are still incredible. Experience the chaos produced by fire and explosions is very similar to what can & # 39; experience in the first person. Of course, the attacks and the soldiers out moans produce what is found on the camp & # 39; battle.

All this b & # 39; speed at least on the PC can & # 39; considered impeccable.

Battlefield V: We return to the glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]

The controversy

I do not want conclude without controversy mentioned before that occurred since the trailer & # 39; Battlefield V was unveiled. Many people were alarmed when they saw a woman in the video, which complained that "Battlefield is now in fashion to be inclusive without making any sense".

I decided to check whether this issue influenced the game and do not find anything that changed the experience. In multiplayer mode each player decides the look of his character from a list of & # 39; predetermined surfaces. therefore, if you prefer that your soldier is "GUnter "and not" Helga ", m & # 39; there is no impediment.

The existence of women not affect anything. It is to be switched on or start asking for privileges on the field & # 39; battle. They act like that: soldiers in order to kill the enemy. Rest assured that is not something you will notice while you play, then m & # 39; you need to make comments like "now in & # 39; DLC will include lesbian black female transgender". also, feminazis so we can find, literally.

Battlefield V: We return to the glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]

We expect to rest

M & # 39; there is no secret to anyone that Battlefield V will not give all its contents in & # 39; blow, but through & # 39; several DLCs b & # 39; anything over time.. This in itself is a downside to his followers to wait to get a more complete game. In fact, some interesting things like the history of warfare "The Last Tiger" or the inclusion of Battle Royale mode will still take some time to see the light.

This gives the impression that there is still more to see that deliver a sound opinion about the game. S & # 39; now it was fun, but always thinks more player and think about everything that can & # 39; exploding title in respect of & # 39; this conflict. For example, not a good idea to include the Eastern Front with the Soviet Union? Not only this, you can & # 39; also use other players such as Italy Fascista.

In short, Battlefield V is a faithful continuation of his predecessor and knows how to show great emotion the IIGM. With changes in the rhythm of playing most games very entertaining results achieved. The same can not be said about the way & # 39; player that is slightly short for intentions and their expectations.

However, still audiovisual beauty. The user is encouraged for most, it will certainly be deprived as new content is published. It recognizes the effort to defend the fever of the moment: The Battle Royale, still to be seen. Does & # 39; what you see today, can & # 39; described as a highly recommended title with room to grow further.

Battlefield V: We return to the glory & # 39; yesteryear [FW Labs]

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