Wednesday , March 22 2023

The riots in the Monumental exceeded police operation at the Monumental


F & # 39; different sectors around the Stadium Mundialista, the police had to restrict the authors & # 39; violent incidents opened the before yesterday, during and after the postponement of the match between River and Boca to the Copa Libertadores final, which will ultimately be played today. 17

And it until last night, there were 29 people arrested for the attack on the campus micro & # 39; Boca Juniors when he goes to the Monumental.

Some projectiles broke the glass of the vehicle and then the police used gas to remove the aggressors who ran affecting the players, according to the directors & # 39; Boca.


After the players injuries and intoxications of & # 39; Boca finally ipprevjenew was played yesterday (after several hours of & # 39; waiting without have to know whether or not there was), people had left distressed, and some misfits left to protest with violence.

Sources of the City Government ensured that attended around Monumental more than 100,000 people, and police informed that & # 39; now 29 they arrested "b & # 39; attention and resistance to authority", although severe turmoil in & # 39; different areas.

Does & # 39; the supporters stage & # 39; fans wait for the match to start, the Konmebol of & # 39; America the & # 39; South postponed twice the time of the start of the game, originally set at 17, but finally decided to postpone it until Sunday. same time

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