Sunday , May 28 2023

The short film premieres Portugal b & # 39; konċert in Master Hall


One good Chilean album was released in 2017 The ancient astronautThe third work of the band Portgual.

With a hypnotic pop and complex, Filosofat on human place in the Universe and in the World.

If Love that album, then you will also be captivated by the new adventure of Portugal: a documentary which is entitled as disk and works as a complement to it.

The quintet will present this Monday, 26 & # 39; November, In – 8 PM, in – Main House, F & # 39; day will follow with & # 39; concert.

Here, you will see this part of audiovisual fiction, directed by Pedro Campos, and was registered in the desert & # 39; Atacama and forest & # 39; Quintay.

The story says that the short film is Oopart, to the future to communicate over time with & # 39; Lucy-A. Together they will have the mission to get & # 39; raise the human species on Earth.

The clips & # 39; some songs on the disc, like Violent Times II and For all new singing, Are also part of this audiovisual piece.

Those and other issues, such as pixel, Carnival and single Laniakea, They also sound later, in the performing arts you enjoy after the exhibition & # 39; short film.

You & # 39; buy tickets at the price of & # 39; Lodging, $ 4,000, In writing portugal.ban[email protected] mail, with the subject "Entry Short LAA".

Meanwhile, at the door of Room Master card will cost $ 5,000.

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