Saturday , December 4 2021

The "size" of & # 39; Dominique Gallego after showing himself driving in a bikini Society


The reality daughter & # 39; before Dominique Gallego She stood variety & # 39; comments on social networks when it collected photo while driving in a bikini, although not precisely because the image that drew the attention of & # 39; users, if not for what he said in the publication.

In the photo, the first "Platoon" said the following: "Driving back from the beach. It's the party? For immoral hahahaha"

After that, some users responded that they were actually fined for driving with & # 39; this way through the city.

"It happened to me and not humorous", "watch out, you & # 39; be fined," are now fine for something "," My cousin obtained a party to such driving, the argument? Other drivers that distracted ", were part of the comments received Gallego.

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